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Top food delivery apps for local restaurants

Food delivery is a great way to receive meals without having to drive or walk. Some people don’t have time due to work, or everyday life to stop what they are doing and go grab food. Food delivery apps come in handy for those restaurants that don’t already have delivery. What apps are available and what do they feature?  Here are the top food delivery apps in the market today.


The Waitr Food Delivery App is on the rise in the food delivery world. Founded in 2015 it has rapidly seen growth as to its competition. With its late start in the game the app has become increasingly more popular. In 2015 alone the app received around 55,000 users where as in 2016 that was the number within the first two months alone. Since the start the numbers have been going consistent. Waitr is different from other food delivery apps because it caters to the smaller market. Even though it caters to the smaller market there is great growth as smaller market food delivery is often over looked.

The Waitr app features photos of food and that is a nice perk for smaller markets where they don’t have the budget to get professional photos. People love to know what they are going to order and a picture can be the deciding factor for some.  They offer smaller markets a smaller ongoing fee than the bigger networks offer the larger markets making it more affordable.


Doordash is another food deliver app that was founded in 2013. Although it had an earlier start we can see that it has not had as much growth. It caters to a larger market however that larger market is included with where you may find the services. Usually Doordash is found in the larger more well known cities.


This food delivery app is well known and has a large market. Grubhub started in 1999 but met the online world around 2004. Since its initial launch on the web it has continued to grow leading the way in the market with technological advances as they come. Grubhub is the more common food delivery app however the prices are much higher than others. The fees for Grubhub delivery are nearly $10 and a minimum order of $50 must be placed to use their service.

Which Food Delivery App is Best?

As stated each delivery app has different features, prices, and availability.  Grubhub leads the market with technological advances where as Waitr is growing quickly amongst the smaller markets. Where Waitr is growing with the smaller market you will find the smaller market is actually a bigger market than the larger market. The larger market consists of well known names in food service. Whereas the smaller market picks up all local chains, and privately owned local restaurants. Waitr has also grown and plans to continue growth to more areas to offer their services. Their delivery fees are less as well as order limitations. They offer perks to smaller markets that aren’t offered to larger markets. Waitr is perfect for those who want to keep things local.

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