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The Calgary you don’t expect to see

Even though many would prefer to move to literally any city in Canada rather than to stay in their own country, there are some pros and cons of choosing Calgary as a place to settle. Canadians themselves prefer British Columbia or Ontario as the place to live in, knowing that they are very expensive. Thus, there are several things you need to know before considering moving to Calgary for a longer time.

1. Entertainment

Online gambling here is pretty common. According to the overall reviews from visitors of Calgary casino online site, this city is probably the best to make your bets if you are a player. But if you are not, this may really annoy you. Moreover, this is the closest metropolitan area to the Rocky Mountains. There, you can go hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and skating.

2. Climate and Nature

Calgary has a dry cold climate in winter. However, it is also one of the sunniest Canadian cities with over 330 days of sunshine per year. There are only two seasons which is either summer or winter, and the temperature can change dramatically over 24 hours. It can go down from +15 to -20. Thus, you may experience weather-related headaches pretty often. Calgarians often help themselves with chinooks, a special spell, that lets the pain go away. Calgary also has a perfect location for photographers since you can see snow any month of the year. Furthermore, Calgary is one of the cleanest and healthiest cities in the world.

3. Population

People here are young. The average age is slightly above 35 years. Thus, it is easier to settle here since the prices for real estate are cheaper than across other metropolises in Canada. For example, you can buy a house for $434,000, while a family home in Vancouver will cost you over $1.3 million. Moreover, Alberta has no PST and one of the lowest taxes on income in the country.

4. The City

The city is friendly and welcoming. It has found a way to balance multinationalism and diversity with a natural desire to preserve the uniqueness of each culture. The restaurant industry in the city is incredible. You can find whatever pleases your taste 24/7. Furthermore, the city has been recognized as the safest city in Canada and rated as #21 in the Quality of Life Index by Numbeo.

5. Festivals

Calgary is rich in festivals. It hosts a large number of them yearly, including Stampede, Folk Festival, and Lilac Festival as the most well-known. Stampede will make you love country music even if you do not love it now. It will turn your personal culture into country style at least for a couple of weeks.

6. Infrastructure

The city has been changing its look for a couple of years now. Recently, YYC has opened a new international terminal that increased inbound and outbound traffic significantly. Also, Calgary is set to build a diverse network of walkways that would connect major buildings and business centers. They are designed to cut the walking time between the offices and keep employees warm in winter.

Furthermore, despite the city is large, it is still easy to navigate. Streets are easy to follow, and the city is pretty well-planned. Calgary is split into four quadrants, which are NW, NE, SW, SE. The average time home from work for every Calgarian is around or even less than 5 minutes during the rush hour.

7. Rivalry

The city is only 3 hours away from the province’s capital, Edmonton, but the battle between them rages for decades. Each city tries to outperform another with the number of festivals, entertainment activities, and records to break.

We are not here to make you move to Calgary, whether you want it or not. We just wanted to show you the side of this city that can only be experienced personally and to help you get to this feeling as close as possible. We hope we’ve done a nice job and the rest is up to you.