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Rasoul helps Harrisonburg fill ‘er up

Item by Chris Graham

It was more a gesture than anything else. But Sam Rasoul was out there on the front lines of the gas crisis just the same.

“The point of this event was to raise awareness about the energy crisis in this country,” said Rasoul, the Democratic Party nominee in the Sixth District, who was out at a Texaco gas station on South High Street in Harrisonburg on Wednesday to help local residents fill ‘er up.

The Rasoul campaign provided families with $1 off per gallon of gas purchased up to 10 gallons purchased for close to an hour yesterday afternoon.

Around 60 cars fueled up during the special, and over $700 in discounts were applied to their purchases.

“Our representatives in Washington should be paying more attention to the struggles of the middle-class. We need real solutions immediately to help working families make ends meet,” Rasoul said.

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