Press Conference: Mike London

Virginia football coach Mike London talks with the news media on Monday. Virginia (4-7, 1-6 ACC) travels to Virginia Tech (9-2, 7-0 ACC) on Saturday.

QUESTION:   What is the game plan as far as Tyrod Taylor? 

LONDON:  I tell you what, you’ve seen a lot of people try to game plan him certain ways, but he’s such a phenomenal athlete that you’ve got to worry about doing some other things, but also being very conscious of where he is. 

I remember when I was recruiting him, and knowing the family and what a great young man he is.  It’s just really neat to see the way he’s blossomed into being a great person and a great player.  But there’s no way you say you can defend him like this, like that, because he has all the tools, the arms, the legs to get out of it.  He’s become a really good quarterback in terms of the passing game.

He’s an athletic guy that makes things happen for him. We’ve got enough to worry about with not just him, but the running backs and wide receivers.  They have a host of players that are the reason why they’ve had success – it is not only because of Tyrod – but some of the other guys on the team as well.

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