Prepping for a military PCS to Hawaii

HawaiiOnce you have received the news of a relocation to Hawaii, it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed. One of the key areas that military service loved ones tend to focus on is how they will get their vehicle(s) from their current location to Hawaii. We are here to help.

The news recently has been flooded with updates on the situation between the United States and North Korea. Additionally, the volcano activity in Hawaii has garnered attention. Lets visit these topics as well, since all 3 tie in together. The news that is being reported by most major media outlets is not necessarily a true reflection of reality.

North Korea News

Across the news spectrum opinions are shared openly at the prospect of Trump and Kim following through with their June 12th meeting. For quite some time, concern has existed over their ability to produce, and launch, nuclear weapons.

If a deal is reached between the United States and North Korea, denuclearization would be the end result. That is, the result that the Trump administration is hoping for. If this deal is not reached, one would suspect that a continued strong military presence would be necessary in this region.

How this affects military families is dependent on, naturally, what the result(s) are from the meeting, if it happens. A large number of military personnel are currently in South Korea. It will be interesting to see how this situation unfolds with time.

Keep your eyes and ears on this story. The impact on our military will be profound, regardless of the outcome. It could mean a withdrawal of troops from that region, or an increased presence.

Island Life

Given the option of residing on mainland, fill in the blank on where, versus Hawaii, and the chances are good that you would choose the island. The weather, the people, the atmosphere. It is a far cry from the dry heat of some areas and the frozen ground of others.

Granted, this state has seen its fair share of trouble recently with the volcano eruptions. What many in the media do not want to report is that Kilauea, while it is one of the most active volcanoes, is one of the least deadly.

In fact, many locals and tourists alike have been seen recently viewing it’s eruptions from a safe distance. These eruptions are expected to come to a stop in the coming days. It’s important to shed light on the truth, as the media has shed a different light on this.

Hawaii is a popular destination for military personnel and their families. Numerous bases, and divisions, are located here. This, of course, means that the loved ones of those that serve and are transferred to this area need to consider the logistics of moving to the island.

Relocating to Hawaii

The excitement that comes with the news of a relo to Hawaii may be tempered with the anxiety of the logistics of the move itself. Remember, you are not expected to tackle this alone. Your loved ones service entitles you, and your family, to government assistance. The level of this help varies, depending on which branch.

What about our automobile(s)? Most car shipping companies Hawaii are here to assist those faced with the question of how to get their transportation to the island. No need for all that unnecessary stress, especially when it comes to getting your vehicle(s) to Hawaii. You are covered, just reach out for help.

Hopefully, you can take a deep breath now and relax. Our government is hard at work trying to resolve the North Korea situation. The volcano eruptions are not the end of Hawaii. And your vehicle(s) will get to the island just fine.

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