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Ken Plum: One plus one may not equal two

If 1+1=2 is expressed as a word problem in a textbook, the book may be thrown out for the implications it might suggest.

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Alon Ben-Meir: Beware America

Since Trump rose to power in 2016, my concerns about the future of America have only been gravely compounded.

constitution law

Kevin Martin: Rethinking ‘The Common Defense’

It is good at times to conduct a reality check on what this country supposedly stands for, and what it actually does.


Committee passes bill to crack down on consolidation in meat processing industry

The House Agriculture Committee this week to pass two legislative efforts led by Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA-07) to address rising food prices — including her bill to tackle anticompetitive practices in the American meat and poultry industry.


SCC receives approval to establish Health Reinsurance Program

The State Corporation Commission has received approval of a federal waiver to establish the Commonwealth Health Reinsurance Program.

Virginia Employment Commission

Virginia unemployment rate remained steady in April at 3.0 percent

Virginia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was unchanged in April at 3.0 percent, according to data released Friday by the Virginia Employment Commission.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

House passes bill to expand mental health benefits for first responders

The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed the Public Safety Officer Support Act, introduced by Rep. David Trone (D-MD), with strong bipartisan support.

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Youngkin pays lip service to K-12 education, blames struggles on predecessors

Virginia schools are struggling, according to a new report presented to Gov. Glenn Youngkin, whose administration is prioritizing taking money from the state budget to go to privately-run charter schools, as if that will help.

roe v. wade abortion rights

Rob Okun: Making impregnators pay their fair share

Long before a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion revealed that by summer Roe v. Wade will likely be overturned, only pregnant people bore the burden of pregnancy—not just physically, but also financially.


Tom H. Hastings: Calling in virtue

Some brilliant intellectuals can display their gifts for dissecting even excellent behavior by others and calling it “virtue signaling.”

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To address the declining fortunes of the young, we need to go upstream

A recent survey found that – among those who actually participate in retirement plans – only 23 percent of Gen-Xers feel a sense of progress saving for retirement.

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Youngkin announces alternative hiring process for individuals with disabilities

Virginia state government has implemented an alternative hiring process for individuals with disabilities, serving as a model for inclusive employment practices.

food desert

Spanberger bill to combat supply chain challenges, lower food costs

Abigail Spanberger and Anthony Gonzalez have introduced bipartisan legislation to strengthen supply chains across the American agriculture industry and lower food costs for U.S. consumers.

school lunch

Virginia receives $982K grant to build nutritious school lunches

The Virginia Department of Education has received a $982,827 USDA grant to build and retain a knowledgeable workforce to ensure school lunches are nutritious and meet students’ needs.

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Biden, Congress taking additional steps to alleviate baby formula shortage

President Biden is invoking the Defense Production Act to require suppliers to direct needed resources to infant formula manufacturers, the administration announced on Wednesday.

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America was built on white supremacy: But we can rebuild on a new foundation

“White supremacy has no place in America,” President Biden said Tuesday in Buffalo. Except that it does, and it’s what America was founded on.

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Update: What’s the latest on the nationwide baby formula shortage?

Politicians are going out of their way to let people know that they’re doing something about the baby formula shortage.

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White House press secretary: Mass shootings are not about mental health

The right and its enablers in the news media prefer to shift the focus after mass shootings from the need for gun safety reform to mental health.

Virginia Department of Corrections

Inmate job training leads to gainful employment, low recidivism

Inmates who complete job training with Virginia Correctional Enterprises have a low recidivism rate, and nearly three-quarters are gainfully employed following their release.

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Moore, Beyer, Bernice Johnson introduce bill to fight human trafficking

Reps. Gwen Moore, Don Beyer and Eddie Bernice Johnson have introduced the Counter Human Trafficking Research and Development Act.

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Spanberger, Rice urge House leaders to bring bill to increase police pay to floor

Reps. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA-07) and Tom Rice (R-SC-07) are urging U.S. House leaders in both parties to advance their bill to help increase officer pay and help police departments hire more officers.

virginia politics

Youngkin, Miyares announce creation of task force to address violent crime

Gov. Glenn Youngkin today announced the creation of a task force of executive branch and Office of the Attorney General officials to better align strategies to reduce violent crime in cities and communities across the Commonwealth.