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What might have been: Seth Megginson 2020 Bracketology

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We won’t have a 2020 NCAA Tournament, but we were … thisclose.

Seth Megginson has been providing us with updates on 2020 NCAA Tournament bracketology for the past several weeks.

Here’s his last look at what the 2020 Big Dance could have looked like.

For fun’s sake, we’re going to begin playing out the tournament based on this bracket next week.

We’ll hope that you feel like playing along, in between binge-watching your favorite shows.

Top 4 Seeds

1. Kansas 2. Gonzaga 3. Baylor 4. Dayton

Midwest (Indianapolis)

1. Kansas V 16. NC Central/ Prairie View A&M (Omaha NE)
8. Houston V 9. Florida (Omaha NE)
5. Ohio State V 12. Stephen F Austin (Spokane WA)
4. Louisville V 13. Vermont (Spokane WA)
6. West Virginia V 11. Colorado (Cleveland OH)
3. Michigan State V 14. North Dakota State (Cleveland OH)
7. Illinois v 10. Utah State (St. Louis MO)
2. Creighton V 15. Arkansas Little Rock (St. Louis MO)

East (New York City)

1. Dayton V 16. Winthrop (Cleveland OH)
8. Arizona V 9. Cincinnati (Cleveland OH)
5. Butler V 12. East Tennessee State (Greensboro NC)
4. Duke V 13. New Mexico State (Greensboro NC)
6. Virginia V 11. Texas Tech/Richmond (Greensboro NC)
3. Maryland V 14. Bradley (Greensboro NC)
7. St. Mary (CA) V 10. Indiana (St. Louis MO)
2. Kentucky V 15. Northern Kentucky (St. Louis MO)

West (Los Angeles)

1. Gonzaga V 16. Robert Morris/Boston U (Spokane WA)
8. Oklahoma V 9. Rutgers (Spokane WA)
5. Auburn V 12. Liberty (Sacramento CA)
4. Oregon V 13. Akron (Sacramento CA)
6. Penn State V 11 Texas (Albany NY)
3. Villanova V 14. UC Irvine (Albany NY)
7. Providence V 10. Arizona State (Sacramento CA)
2. San Diego State V 15. East Washington State (Sacramento CA)

South (Houston)

1. Baylor V 16. Siena (Omaha NE)
8. LSU V 9 USC (Omaha NE)
5. BYU V 12. Yale (Tampa FL)
4. Wisconsin V 13. North Texas (Tampa FL)
6. Iowa V 11. UCLA/NC State (Albany NY)
3. Seton Hall V 14. Belmont (Albany NY)
7. Michigan V 10. Marquette (Tampa FL)
2. Florida State V 15. Hofstra (Tampa FL)

Last Four in

NC State
Texas Tech

First Four Out

Northern Iowa
Wichita State

Seth Megginson

Seth Megginson

Seth Megginson covers sports for AFP. A graduate of Radford University, Seth has done freelance work for the Daily News-Record in Harrisonburg covering high school and college football.