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Viral TikTok star Noam Sela ‘Make it Rain’ with new single

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Israel has no shortage of talented musicians. Some of these, like Eyal Golan and Noa Kirl, have wooed the world with their remarkable musical talent. Streaming has changed the way music lovers enjoy listening to their favorite musical artists, and going viral on one of the world’s most popular video-sharing apps is a mark of success.

Noam Sela is an Israeli musician who has had some previous experience in the musical world. Back in the early 2000s, his band had released a few singles that were played by national radio stations.

Recently, the latent musician was introduced to TikTok by his daughter. The businessman, sketch comedian, and father of three might be new to this way of promoting his music, but he is loving it.

Talents that draw the attention

Before the lockdowns, the artist hadn’t seriously thought of taking his talent any further. After all, running a business is a full-time job. Over the past few months, with everything running at 20% of its capacity, Noam Sela just knew it was time to grab the excellent opportunity offered to him and to do something he has always loved.

Besides his ear for music, Noam Sela also loves performing imitations, something which his 20K followers on TikTok also appreciate. Sela was dubious of putting his videos out there in the beginning, but soon they started going viral, and he became a recognized face. He does some mean accents from around the world and impersonates all types of people and many politicians.

Born in Israel in 1973, Noam Sela may be a bit older than the regular guy taking his first steps in his musical career, but this doesn’t deter him at all. He says it best: “I may not be very young, but I am not angry about it. I am not about to compete in a reality show or Eurovision. All I know is that to be creative and genuine is the road to success.”

He continues: “Things have returned to normal businesswise, but I would like to take some time out of my busy day to continue promoting my work. I dream of having a playlist on Spotify, but for now, my initial purpose is to do it through TikTok and Instagram, where my followers are sure to hear me.”

Watch Noam Sela in Action

Following in the success of ‘Make It Rain’

The first single released by Noam Sela was “Make It Rain”. His first collaboration with Idan Belinski, the famous Israeli music producer, was soon followed by the release of a second single, “Win It All”, and the promise of more to follow. I can’t wait for what’s still coming!

The video clip for “Win It All” stars the popular Israeli actor, Dean Miroshnikov. It wasn’t long before both songs became viral. The upbeat tunes and Noam Sela’s rock sounds are sure winners, and his dream of once again appearing on national radio, and perhaps even on television, is sure to soon come true.

Noam Sela mostly enjoys listening to alternative rock, something that comes through in his music. His inspiration comes from musicians that have left their mark in the world of music. These include the likes of the Beatles, the Police, and Pink Floyd. One of his favorite Israeli musicians is Guy Mazig, and he believes that Noga Erez is the upcoming artist with the highest chances of having an international career.

More about Noam Sela

Noam Sela is married to a former salsa champion, and he is often seen dancing it himself. He describes his childhood as regular, and he attended the Alon School of Arts where he studied music. After his stint in the army, Sela started his own music band that soon became popular and toured the country. Their songs were heard on the radio and the band was featured in a newspaper.

Eventually, he realized that it was hard to have a career in music in Israel, and followed his second hobby, computers. This meant another degree, this time in Computer Science, something which allowed him to turn his startup into a successful business. Soon he met his lovely wife, with whom they have three children.

It wasn’t long before his company was running successfully. This allowed him to take time to pursue his other interests. These include coaching swimming, dancing, and music.

“Working with Idan Belinsky is great. He has helped me make a smooth transition back into the world of music, and I look forward to our next release.”



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