news update decision soon on status of the scheduled virginia coastal carolina game

Update: Decision ‘soon’ on status of the scheduled Virginia-Coastal Carolina game

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Photo: UVA Athletics

This is hardly the most important news to come out today with UVA Football, but in terms of the game scheduled for Saturday with Coastal Carolina, the status is still undecided.

“We’ll make a decision soon,” Athletics Director Carla Williams said at a Tuesday press conference.

It seems inconceivable that the Virginia team could somehow manage to put together any kind of effort to get itself into game shape by Saturday, given what has to be done in the days leading up to game day, with the need to put together a game plan, install it, practice and then conjure up the mental focus.

On the flip, maybe having to go through a week of game prep, and then another one next week, ahead of the scheduled season finale at Virginia Tech, could be part of the healing process.

We’ll have more on this later.

I think we can expect the “soon” referenced by Williams to be tonight or early on Wednesday.

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