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Top 11 tips to minimize your plumbing remodel costs

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The cost of a plumbing remodeling project can easily spiral into thousands of dollars. The overall remodel cost is determined by the plumber rates and the materials required for the renovation. Here are some actionable tips to help you pull off a successful plumbing remodeling project at a reduced cost:

  1. Develop a clear remodel plan

Having a clear plan is critical to the success of a plumbing remodel project. Liaise with your plumber to come up with a concise remodel plan. The remodel plan should specify the desired modifications to your plumbing system. It should also outline a workable new layout and the best-fit materials, labor, and material costs.

  1. Clearly define the roles of different professionals in your project

A remodel job requires the combined input of different professionals, not just plumbers alone. Take care of all non-plumbing activities before the plumbing professional arrives. For instance, you can have the dry walls obstructing the damaged sewer pipes brought down. You can also have an electrician install adequate lighting to allow technicians to work on your basement areas. These moves ensure that the plumbers stick to their work and no extra charges to you.

  1. Retain your usual plumbers

You stand to save a lot of money by sticking with your regular plumbers. Work with the same plumbing technician or company to earn great discounts and other money-saving deals. Additionally, hiring your usual plumbers from team emergency plumber sets you up for superior services. After all, these plumbers have a thorough understanding of your plumbing system.

  1. Obtain multiple remodeling quotes

As much as it pays to retain your regular plumber for discounts and savings, there’s a need to hunt for quotes from different service providers. Request a free consultation visit from the local plumbing companies. Some companies offer video evaluation services. Finally, compare and contrast quotes from at least three plumbing companies and pick the company that provides quality services at a competitive price.

  1. Learn plumbing DIY hacks

The fewer tasks the plumber performs, the lower your remodeling costs. Familiarize yourself with some plumbing skills to avoid over-relying on professionals. With DIY projects, you will incur material costs and save a few dollars on labor costs. Some tasks, including installing a plumbing stab-out, are complex and not ideal for DIY. You should leave such tasks to specialists.

  1. Choose the best yet cost-friendly pipes  

While the average plumber’s rates are almost similar among contractors, the choice of materials used varies. Copper pipes are fancy but expensive. On the other hand, PEX pipes are equally as efficient and durable as costly copper pipes. Therefore, opt for PEX pipes to save money on your plumbing remodel project.

  1. Use push-fit couplings over crimp-fit pipes

The petroleum-based PEX pipes get joined via push-fittings or crimp-fitting mechanisms. Push-fit coupled piping only requires the user to slide the two pieces of pipe together to work. You don’t need any specialized plumbing tools. Joining crimp-fit coupled piping, however, requires you to attach a copper ring to join the two sections of the PEX pipes. You’ll need a crimping tool to push the copper ring into place. Typically, it costs ten times more to join crimp-fit couplings than the push-fit style of PEX pipes.

  1. Create a conducive working environment

Remove any unnecessary distractions that may slow down the plumbing work. For instance, have the children play outside and clear any pets from the workspace. Set aside a spare bathroom for the technicians to use. Otherwise, your plumber will waste valuable time looking for a bathroom elsewhere.

  1. Replace your plumbing components only when necessary

Replacements of the plumbing components are the last resort measure. Always go for repairs unless when dealing with severely compromised and aged plumbing appliances. Many PVC pipes have a remarkably long lifespan – they comfortably serve their users up to 50 years. Cracks in these resilient pipes are easily fixable using contact adhesives.

  1. Carefully choose plumbing materials

The market is awash with thousands of different products for similar plumbing functions. Some are expensive, and others are within reasonable price ranges. You don’t necessarily need to remodel with the most expensive items. You can go for the affordable options and still get a seamless experience. Consult your plumber to narrow down the quality alternative plumbing fixtures available. It’s a splendid idea to scour yard sales for used components that still work fine.

  1. Hire a plumbing professional during regular business hours

To save money, hire a remodeling expert during regular business hours. Typically, many plumbing businesses operate Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hiring these professionals on weekends or holidays qualifies as a plumbing emergency, and you have to pay extra. It’s important to stress to your plumber that you are not in any rush to get the remodel done. This specification saves you from misunderstandings in the future.

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