newsseth megginson 2021 ncaa tournament bracketology update march 8

Seth Megginson’s March 8 update on 2021 NCAA Tournament Bracketology

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AFP resident bracketologist Seth Megginson offers his latest update on the 2021 NCAA Tournament field.

Top 4 Seeds

1. Gonzaga 2. Baylor 3. Michigan 4. Illinois

Region 1

1. Gonzaga* V 16. North Carolina A&T*/ Prairie View A&M*

8. Florida V 9. Rutgers

5. Texas Tech V 12. Toledo*

4. UVA* V 13. UC Santa Barba*

6. Virginia Tech V 11. UCLA

3. Houston V 14. Morehead State*

7. Missouri V 10. Maryland

2. Iowa V 15. Grand Canyon*

Region 4

1. Illinois V 16. Cleveland State*

8. San Diego State * V 9. UCONN

5. Clemson V 12. Wichita State*

4. Kansas V 13. UNC Greensboro*

6. Colorado V 11. Xavier/Colorado State

3. Texas V 14. South Dakota State*

7. BYU V 10. Michigan State

2. Alabama* V 15. Bryant*

Region 2

1. Baylor* V 16. Hartford/Nicholls State*

8. LSU V 9. UNC

5. FSU V 12. Western Kentucky*

4. Purdue V 13. Winthrop*

6. Tennessee V 11. Georgia Tech

3. Villanova* V 14. Colgate*

7. USC V 10. Saint Bonaventure*

2. Ohio State V 15. Southern Utah*

Region 3

1. Michigan* V 16. Siena*

8. Oregon* V 9. Loyola Chicago*

5. Creighton V 12. Boise State/Drake

4. Oklahoma State V 13. Liberty*

6. Oklahoma V 11. VCU

3. Arkansas V 14. Georgia State*

7. Wisconsin V 10. Louisville

2. West Virginia V 15. Northeastern*

The * indicates conference winner/leader

Last Four In

  • Xavier
  • Colorado State
  • Boise State
  • Drake

First Four Out

  • Syracuse
  • Utah State
  • St. Louis
  • Seton Hall

Next Four Out

  • NC State
  • St. Johns
  • Ole Miss
  • SMU

Seth Megginson

Seth Megginson

Seth Megginson covers sports for AFP. A graduate of Radford University, Seth has done freelance work for the Daily News-Record in Harrisonburg covering high school and college football.

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