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Press Conference: Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer


Opening Statement: “It’s that time of the year again. An exciting week for the state of Virginia, I think it is something that everyone in the state looks forward to, so it’s about having a great week of preparation and get ready to go play a game against a football team that I know is going to be very much ready for us.”

frank-beamer-ndOn the rivalry when Coach Beamer was playing: “When I played, I think we only played one year. For whatever reason we didn’t play the other years, but even in that one I can remember it being important. When you take two teams from the same state and recruiting a lot of the same the kids and at the same level, that game has got to be important.”

Do you get any satisfaction seeing their program struggle like they have recently? And how satisfying is it that you’ve won nine in a row against them? “Well I think both of us compete very, very hard against each other. You try to have success against their program. I don’t think what has happened in the past makes a lot of difference, I think what happens this Saturday makes all the difference. Every year it’s a new year, different teams, different people and what happens this Saturday is what is really important for us.”

This season will be largely judged on what happens this Saturday and what happens in the Duke game. Do you want your guys to be aware of what happens in that game because it could be motivation? “No. I told our team that I felt like we still had a shot on representing our side. I think sometimes what happens is you get thinking about too many things, your mind is a little bit here and a little bit there. I’ve always felt that what you’re thinking is how you play, your mental preparation and how you approach the game. We don’t need to be thinking about anything else other than Virginia and that is the only thing we can control. Let’s put all our thoughts right there and whatever happens, happens, but let’s make sure we’re on one track and that’s Virginia.”

Are you worried at all that when the guys give their opinion on the rivalry that it will end up on the other team’s bulletin board? Or do you not care about that stuff? “I think that both sides respect each other. I don’t think that both sides necessarily like each other, but I think there’s a difference. I think there’s a respect. Both programs do it the right way. I think both programs’ fan base should be proud of them because of how we do business and how we go about it. It’s not a date where you need to like someone. It’s a get after it session is what it is.”

It seems like every year for this game that UVa has a couple of quarterbacks that you will see. Tariq [Edwards] said you go against Logan [Thomas] every day in practice and that helps you to prepare for a dual threat or whatever you may see, is there some truth to that? And how much of a challenge is it when you don’t know who is going to be guiding the offense? “I’ve been on both sides of that. I think it is a challenge both ways. Certainly I think you have a very athletic quarterback, a kid that is very, very capable and then I think you have a guy that can really sling it. When he came in there Saturday I thought he was very good. So they have a couple of options right there. One of them, you want your game plan to be one thing and with the other kid you would want your game plan to be something else. It makes it tough.”

On Jack Tyler: “Jack is a delight. You watch him now and he’s extremely mature and a fantastic football player. I think that Virginia Tech has had a good effect on him and certainly he has been good for Virginia Tech. There was a time when he needed to change courses a little bit. When you see that happening and when kids leave here with a lot of success, it really makes you feel good.”

On Jack Tyler’s skill: “He made a lot of tackles in high school and then it just carried over. You worry about his size, he’s not going to blow you away with his size, but when he gets on that football field you know he plays. He has a great instinct for the football. He plays faster than he looks like he would be. He plays faster than what he probably is, but I think probably just his instincts help that. He’s really an xcellent player and I think a great leader. He doesn’t say a lot, but he’s business. He’s going full-tilt and that’s the kind of leaders I like.”

Are you surprised that you are still in contention for the Coastal title? “I think if you can win a share of your side of it, that’s something you always shoot for. If you win that you have a chance to win the ACC. That would be a tough task, but you have a chance and that’s all you can ask for. If you can win the ACC then you’re going to the Orange Bowl. There’s a lot that we can be proud of.”

If you win, Logan [Thomas] will have three wins over Virginia; I’m not sure how many Tech quarterbacks can say that. What would it mean for him? “Logan has been a really positive player for Virginia Tech. We haven’t always had consistent people around Logan, but I think he has great ability. His intelligence and competitiveness matches his ability. I think he has a great future at the next level. I think to leave here with a number of wins and beat Virginia three times in a row, well every Hokie would like that one.”

How was the kicking game in the off week and what is your plan in place-kicking going in to this one? “That’s a work in progress. We worked on it last week and we’re going to keep on working and see where we are by Friday/Saturday. Right now I’m not sure how we’re going to do it. We’ve got different guys kicking. Ludwig has potential and Branthover has potential. So we’ll see where we are.”



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