Home Power 6: Debut of our weekly ranking of the top stars in the business

Power 6: Debut of our weekly ranking of the top stars in the business


1. Daniel Bryan
Notes: Bryan is still riding high after his victory in a non-title match over WWE Champ Randy Orton. Talk is that DB will be included in the main event for WrestleMania 30 alongside Randy Orton and Batista. That would be a wise move on the part of WWE creative

2. CM Punk
Notes: Yes, we get it. CM Punk has “quit” WWE. Whether that’s real or storyline, nobody in wrestling is being talked about more today than CM Punk.

3. Jeff Jarrett
Notes: He’s wrestling in the indies right now, but we’re paying attention to his every tweet and Instagram for clues as to what his next big move is going to be. If it doesn’t end up being another big-time wrestling promotion, we will of course be disappointed.

4. Cesaro
Notes: A name change earlier in the week, reportedly because somebody in WWE creative felt that the Antonio in front of his last name didn’t sound tough enough, foreshadowed his upset win over Randy Orton on Friday Night Smackdown. Cesaro appears ready for a big push.

5. Dixie Carter
Notes: Love her or hate her, and most fall in the latter category, Dixie is once again in the center focus of storylines in TNA with the MVP hostile-takeover angle beginning to play itself out. TNA fans know that as long as Dixie is in front of the camera, her parents, who own the company, are happy to keep paying the bills for the fledgling company.

6. Randy Orton
Notes: The WWE champ as jobber? Give RKO credit. He’s putting over everybody these days to set up Elimination Chamber with at least some interest. Right now, he looks to have no chance of walking out of the Chamber with the belt, considering how tough a time he’s having one-on-one with the guys he will be facing at the pay-per-view. So of course we will see Orton emerge victorious at the end of the night, and in the main event at WrestleMania 30 as has been expected all along.



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