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TNA Impact Wrestling leaving Spike for Destination America

TNA Impact Wrestling will make the move from its long-time home on Spike TV to Destination America, an offshoot of Discovery Communications that reaches roughly half the homes that Spike TV is in currently.

Wrestling TV News: Smackdown officially moving to Thursdays, Spike ready to dump TNA

Two big bits of news on the wrestling TV front today: WWE is officially moving Smackdown to Thursday nights, and it’s becoming clearer that Spike TV is not interested in continuing its relationship with TNA.

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Pro wrestling business model shows flaws

Wrestling, like a cockroach in an abandoned building, has proven itself hearty enough to survive anything, but whether sports entertainment as we know it now can survive in its present form is very much at question. I’d recommend enjoying what we have while we still have it, because change is coming, and the changes that I see coming aren’t good.

TNA Impact Wrestling to remain on Spike TV through end of 2014

TNA President Dixie Carter confirmed today that the company’s flagship TV show, Impact Wrestling, will remain on Spike TV through the end of 2014.

TNA moving Impact Wrestling to Wednesdays: Good news?

TNA announced today that it is moving its Impact Wrestling flagship TV show to Wednesday nights on Spike TV effective next week.

#ItHappens: Team 3D puts TNA’s Dixie Carter through a table

They’ve been teasing it for months. Finally, next week, on TNA Impact Wrestling, Team 3D puts TNA president Dixie Carter through a table.

Reports: Spike TV cancels TNA Impact Wrestling

TMZ is reporting today that Spike TV has informed TNA Wrestling that it will not renew its contract to broadcast the company’s flagship Impact Wrestling TV show.

TNA News: Dixie Carter answers questions live

TNA President Dixie Carter wishes she had a dollar for every time she’s heard that the company is for sale or going out of business. That tidbit, the revelation that Eric Bischoff’s company BHE is executive producer of Impact Wrestling, and more came out of a live online chat with TNA fans Thursday night. Other […]

Power 6: Debut of our weekly ranking of the top stars in the business

1. Daniel Bryan Notes: Bryan is still riding high after his victory in a non-title match over WWE Champ Randy Orton. Talk is that DB will be included in the main event for WrestleMania 30 alongside Randy Orton and Batista. That would be a wise move on the part of WWE creative 2. CM Punk […]

TNA Video: The Opening to tonight’s TNA Impact

Watch The Opening To Thursday’s TNA IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV 9/8c – can Dixie Carter and MVP co-exist? Plus, Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson in a Casket Match!

TNA Video: Dixie Carter responds to MVP

  After yesterday’s storyline announcement by MVP of the return of Jeff Hardy, TNA cameras caught up with TNA President Dixie Carter for a reaction. Lockdown happens on March 9th in Miami.

TNA Impact Preview: Can Dixie Carter and MVP co-exist?

The latest about-to-be-scrapped effort at an interesting TNA storyline involving Dixie Carter continues this week on Impact.

Report: Why Toby Keith, Jeff Jarrett ended up not buying TNA

The Toby Keith-Jeff Jarrett partnership was thisclose to buying TNA. What held the deal up? According to a report in the Wrestling Observer newsletter, it was Bob Carter’s desire to keep his daughter, Dixie Carter, involved both on-air and behind the scenes, that kept the deal from happening. According to the report, Bob Carter, the […]

Highlights from this week’s TNA Impact: Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Magnus, more

Highlights from this week’s episode of TNA Impact include Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Magnus, Bobby Roode, Cowboy James Storm, Dixie Carter and more.

TNA: The Wolves have a message for TNA President Dixie Carter

  The Wolves have a message for TNA President Dixie Carter.

TNA Video: Dixie Carter comments on Wolves contract situation, possible investor

  In this #IMPACT365 video recorded Wednesday afternoon in TNA Headquarters, TNA President Dixie Carter dictates a few specific instructions for her Chief of Staff, Rockstar Spud!

TNA Video: Dixie Carter talks about changes coming to Impact Wrestling

  TNA President Dixie Carter discusses the changes coming to Impact Wrestling as well as what happened on this past week’s edition of Impact Wrestling.

Analysis: Dixie Carter hurting TNA ratings?

Those interminably long TNA Impact openings featuring Dixie Carter … they have to be bad for business, right? Maybe, maybe not. Let’s look at the quarter-hour ratings for Impact this past week to try to figure this out. The first quarter-hour, 9-9:15 p.m. EST, had by far the highest rating of any quarter-hour in the […]