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Nothing trivial at all about Gateway Music Trivia Night


Paul Sanders comes across as soft-spoken in his understated approach to providing entertainment in the form of his Music Trivia Nights at the Gateway Theatre in Downtown Waynesboro.

Don’t let the soothing voice fool you into thinking that Sanders is just a run-of-the-mill disc jockey. The guy knows his stuff when it comes to music.

“Some people pay thousands of dollars, for example, for a new boat, if they’re into boating. This is no different for me and records,” said Sanders, an avid rare record collector whose personal collection carries an estimated worth into the low six figures.

Sanders, a Waynesboro native who returned to the River City after retiring from DuPont, began collecting records with a “98-cent” purchase of an Elvis Presley “Heartbreak Hotel” record in 1956. That one purchase turned into a lifetime avocation for Sanders, who has moonlighted as a DJ since the 1960s and whose musical tastes run the gamut from early rock-n-roll to jazz to contemporary pop and hip-hop.

Music Trivia Night “is an offshoot of” his DJ work and his interest in records, which Sanders describes as being akin to anyone else’s expensive hobby.

He has paid thousands of dollars for some of the records in his collection, which he will only play once, before purchasing, to ensure that the records don’t skip.

It’s not just the physical manifestation of a recording in vinyl that gets his attention. Sanders spends countless hours researching the tunes that live on forever in record form, tracking down their origins to add context to the histories that he feels he is entrusted to preserve in the course of purchasing rare records.



Paul Sanders returns to WTA’s Gateway with a new edition of his popular Music Trivia Night on Friday, Nov. 23 at 7:30 pm. He promises a delightful way to entertain guests and family after the Thanksgiving holiday.

The November Music Trivia Night is the third in Paul Sander’s series and will prove to be just as entertaining and fun as the previous ones. Sanders will provide snatches from 30 songs from 1951 to 1980 along with a two-minute video clip and the artist’s name. You identify the song. After a short break, a Lightning Round will follow with 15 to 20 second clips with a 10 second interval between each tune. For these you must identify both the title and artist. A clue is that each of the songs contains a girl’s name and each of the girl’s names begins with the letter “J”.

Not only is the event fun. Sanders will give prizes for the Trivia Game and for the Lightning Round. There will also be two drawings at the end of the evening for tickets to WTA’s New Year’s Eve Gala on Monday evening the 31st of December at the Gateway.

Doors will open at 7:00. The show starts at 7:30. Admission is “Pay-What-You-Will”. A cash bar will be available. No reservations. Seating is limited. WTA’s Gateway is at 329 West Main in Downtown Waynesboro.

More information online at WTAGateway.com.



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