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More losers this week


Winners and Losers column by Chris Graham
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vatech_thumbnail.jpgLOSERS: Virginia Tech football fans who think their team got jobbed out of a BCS title-game bid
I know that Tech was ranked higher than LSU heading into the final weekend of the regular season. And I know that they beat a higher-ranked team on that weekend.
Do you remember 48-7, though?
Let’s put the shoe on the other foot. Say Tech had beaten LSU 48-7, and LSU had gotten the bid.
Yeah. That would suck. Wouldn’t it?

LOSERS: Redskins fans getting overly emotional about the Sean Taylor passing
The guy was a great football player, and his passing at an early age is an unspeakable tragedy.
That said, none of us outside the Redskins family knew Sean Taylor – and by all accounts, he was even distant from many of his teammates.
So it seems to me that those of us who are letting ourselves get worked up about his passing are laying it on a bit thick.

algroh2.gifWINNERS: Virginia football gets bid to Gator Bowl
At worst, Boston College should have gotten the bid to the Gator – if not the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, which has the first choice of non-BCS ACC teams.
I know, I know – bowl games are all about who can bring fans, and Clemson is known for its ability to get its fans to travel, and Boston College isn’t.
Which is why Clemson is in the Chicken Bowl, UVa. is in the Gator and BC is in the Sportswear Classic.
But still …

LOSERS: Virginia basketball gets stuck with Northwestern again in ACC-Big 10 Challenge
I shouldn’t complain – they could’ve left the 2007 ACC regular-season co-champs on the outside looking in this year.
Question: Are they still punishing UVa. for the Michigan State debacle from a few years back?

rich-footer-logo2.jpgWINNERS: UR makes it to the Final Four
Interesting concept, ain’t it?
I mean, you play a regular season, pick the best 16 teams from said regular season to fight it out for four weeks, and then at the end of that four weeks, you call the team that is left standing the national champion.
One thing I don’t like – the Final Four matchups are still on home fields.
There’s one reason why App State is the two-time defending national champ.



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