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‘He’s gay!’ Nice scripted moment on AEW ‘Rampage’ leads to nice unscripted crowd response

Chris Graham
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That Anthony Bowens, a recent former AEW world tag team champ, is gay is not exactly news, except to Harley Cameron, apparently, who in a segment on this week’s “Rampage,” was, in character, hitting on Bowen.

“Did you just say that you think I’m into you?” the rugged, muscular, tough guy Bowens said to Cameron, in character, incredulous at the insinuation.

You know, because he’s gay, and everyone who watches AEW knows it.

Except for Harley Cameron.

“Duh,” replied Cameron, a coquettish Australian.

“Very, very serious question. Did you get kicked in the head too many times by a kangaroo when you were a kid?” Bowens asked.

The crowd started to roar.

“I don’t know if you can see my gear, lady,” he went on, pointing out his pink boots, his pink trunks, playing up the moment.

“I’m gay!” he said.

The back-and-forth was nice wrestling show scripted comedy.

The response from the crowd was … not scripted.

He’s gay! He’s gay! He’s gay!

This is a pro wrestling crowd in 2023.

“If ya told me years ago, I’d have an arena chanting HE’S GAY at me in the most POSITIVE of ways, I’d say you’re crazy,” Bowens tweeted after the show.

“It’s pretty cool to see how far we’ve come. Still more work to do.”

People are threatening Target employees because of in-store Pride displays. Self-described liberty moms are calling people who stand up to their demonization of gays and lesbians “groomers.”

A transgender swimmer finishes fifth in a college race, and the world is turned upside down.

For chrissakes, Bud Light.

Yeah, there’s more work to do, but this silly scene in a silly pro wrestling show, and the crowd’s response to it, is … it’s something.

We’re not entirely lost as a people.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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