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EMU profs jumpstart conversation on homosexuality


Mark Thiessen Nation, professor of theology at Eastern Mennonite Seminary, and Ted Grimsrud, professor of theology and peace studies at Eastern Mennonite University, have teamed up to address the difficult topic of homosexuality.
They argue both sides of the issue in their book, Reasoning Together: A Conversation on Homosexuality, but they also offer areas of agreement and consensus that emerged from a series of public conversations they led.

The book has three sections; the first gives the context for the conversation, the second details each professor’s argument and responses to each other and includes extensive theological and biblical reflection.

In the third section, each professor asks the other two questions. Nation and Grimsrud respond to each other with extensive give and take.

In a review, Thomas R. Yoder Neufeld, associate professor of religious studies at Conrad Grebel University, Waterloo, Ont., called this book “a courageous exercise in hope. All readers, regardless of strength of position or state of confusion, will find much in this book to destabilize certainties that need to be rattled, much to shore up inadequately grounded convictions, and much to help understand those who think differently. That is no small gift.”

Herald Press, Scottdale, Pa., published the paperback in November 2008. It can be purchased online at www.heraldpress.com or at bookstores that carry Herald Press titles. Cover price is $17.99.


– Story by Jim Bishop



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