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Chris Graham: A new look at Tebow Time


He’s such an athlete. So physical. Look at the guy.

OK, he might not make a good NFL quarterback, but you’ve got to figure a way to get him on the field.

How many black college quarterbacks have we heard that said about over the years?

Except that now we’re saying it about good ol’ Tim Tebow, who apparently is going to serve as everything from Wildcat gimmick QB to H-back and fullback to personal punt protector for the New York Jets.

Look, I get it. As much as I’ve editorialized for Timmy in the past, he’s not likely to be a long-term starter in the NFL at quarterback. He’d need to find a team willing to build to spec around him and also build backup quarterbacks in his mold behind him in the event that he’d miss time due to injury, which would be a likely occurrence given his physical style.

(There I go again.)

I can see Tebow succeeding in this new role, or roles, that the Jets seem to be laying out for him. Because he is way too good an athlete to have standing on the sidelines sending in plays to Mark Sanchez.

I don’t know that I want him at fullback, personally, but H-back? Heck, yeah. Put him in a role like what the Washington Redskins do with Chris Cooley, for example, and Tebow could lead the league in receptions. And add an interesting dimension from time to time by also being able to run the ball, sort of like how the New England Patriots used Aaron Hernandez in the playoffs last year.

And of course every time Tebow would be in the backfield, the defense would have to be prepared for the possibility of the H-back option pass on a toss sweep.

I was shocked initially when Tebow accepted the trade to the Jets when it seemed that he had other options (Jacksonville?) where he might have been able to compete more directly for the #1 QB job. Maybe Timmy is reading it the way I am right now – that his future isn’t at quarterback, even with last season’s thrilling run in Denver to the AFC divisional playoffs under his belt.

I still think the guy is a star in the making.

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