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State Senate committee advances Tebow Bill

The Senate Education and Health Committee on Thursday reported Abemarle Republican Del. Rob Bell’s Tebow Bill.

Chris Graham: Why did Senate Democrats kill the Tebow Bill?

Senate Democrats are crowing about how they killed the so-called Tebow Bill, which would allow home-schooled students to participate in athletics on public-sports teams. Congratulations for your hard work to deny opportunities to innocent teenagers.

Chris Graham: A new look at Tebow Time

He’s such an athlete. So physical. Look at the guy. OK, he might not make a good NFL quarterback, but you’ve got to figure a way to get him on the field. How many black college quarterbacks have we heard that said about over the years? Except that now we’re saying it about good ol’ […]

Eugene T. Lee: Tim Tebow – How do we define greatness?

Has there been a more polarizing figure in professional sports over the past year than Tim Tebow? Whether it was his string of fourth quarter comebacks, thrilling overtime playoff victory over the Steelers or public displays of his faith, the name Tim Tebow generates a wide range of reactions from the general public. Tim Tebow’s […]

Chris Graham: Asking an awful lot to make the Tebow experiment work out

And the great Tim Tebow experiment continues – with the news from Denver Broncos chief of football operations John Elway that Tebow will enter his third season as the incumbent at quarterback after leading the team to the second round of the 2012 NFL playoffs. Tebow threw for 12 touchdowns and six interceptions in leading […]