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Business benefits from using GPS tracking software


Today, in the era of technological advancement, using highly-technological equipment is a must. Thus, businesses that operate in transportation and other related fields should consider the purchase of tracking equipment. The solution helps control fuel consumption, vehicle movement, location, and technical conditions. However, this is not all the information a user can obtain.

On top of that, car tracking system software will give you answer to the following questions:

  • Is the driver following the approved route?
  • Are there any driving/ speed violations?
  • Are there any delays with the cargo delivery?
  • Are there any stops (when/ where they happen)?
  • Was the car hijacked? What is its location?

Just imagine how the company efficiency will improve if you know the answers to all the above questions. What is more important, this doesn’t require your using an expensive equipment and software. The only thing you need is to install Uboro on any device and have a tracker. What is more, even a physical tracker is not a must when it comes to using Uboro. You can simply download a GPS tracker simulator and avoid any extra expenses. Thus, you will receive all the information about the vehicle movements, along with statistics, analytics, and reports.


Operation of Uboro

The program is installed on a computer or any other device; operating system doesn’t matter.  Thus, one can have access to all the information anytime anywhere. This means you can have a morning cup of coffee while tracking the location of the truck, detecting disruptions in the schedule, and checking the technical condition of the vehicle. In other words, Uboro will help you optimize your work and save a lot of time when performing your everyday tasks.

With the application installed on your device, you will have access to the following information:

  • Vehicle speed control;
  • Checking the accuracy and driving behavior of the driver;
  • 24-hour monitoring of vehicles;
  • Instant adjustment of the route, if necessary;
  • Observe the amount of fuel in the tank.

Satellite monitoring of vehicles with Uboro will allow you to be aware of all minute aspects of the route, everything from the movement details of the truck to the exact number and durability of stops. In the program, you can select a time frame you are interested in and have full information on the movement of the car in the form of a simple and user-friendly report.


Special Features of the Software

Everything is easier with Uboro. First of all, you are not asked to sign any contracts or agreements. It is also not necessary to pay for testing the software, since the program is available for free during a 90-day free trial period. Further, any tracking equipment can be used in a combination with the software. Uboro supports any GPS equipment that the client wants to connect to the software. If one needs information from some other trackers or sensors (e.g., fuel sensor, temperature sensor, etc.), no problems – virtually any device can be connected to Uboro. Obviously, the company gives an instrument without restricting customers in their right to choose the device they need. Want more? The company is expected to launch some extra functionality to extend fleet management and tasks logistics.



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