Ben Cline, your congressman, thinks they’re ‘coming for your ceiling fans’: Analysis
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Ben Cline, your congressman, thinks they’re ‘coming for your ceiling fans’: Analysis

Chris Graham
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Ben Cline, your elected representative in Congress if you live in the Sixth District in Virginia, seems to seriously think that the Biden administration is “coming for your ceiling fans.”

We say this because, he said exactly that.

“First, they went after your car. Then, they targeted your gas stoves. Now, they are coming for your ceiling fans. America will continue to reject the Biden Climate Police’s authoritarianism,” Cline, the Republican who represents the Sixth in the U.S. House, wrote on Twitter on Friday.

The truth, often a stranger to our congressman, is, no, Ben, “they,” whoever they are, are not “coming for your ceiling fans.”

The Department of Energy, in a proposed rule published on June 22, more than two months ago, is looking to set new energy conservation standards for ceiling fans that, according to the DOE, “would save a significant amount of energy.”

And if you save a “significant amount of energy,” you also save a significant amount of money.

According to a DOE analysis, we’d be talking $369 million a year across the board, if the new rule were to be adopted.

Here’s the kicker: the new rule, if it were to go into effect, would only impact sales of new ceiling fans.

Which is to say, and this is important, they’re not coming for the ceiling fans you have in your house now.

No Biden Climate Police coming armed with search warrants and the Ceiling Fan Installation Gestapo in tow.

They’re not coming for your ceiling fans. They didn’t come for your gas stoves.

If you still want to drive a gas-guzzler, you can drive your gas-guzzler.

What Cline seems to have a problem with is, the next time you buy something new, it might actually be somewhat energy- and cost-efficient.

It’s an odd stance, but it’s also a free country, full of people, like Ben Cline, with odd stances.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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