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A Rush to judgment


Stop the Presses column by Chris Graham

It’s time that somebody says this – so here goes.

Leave Rush Limbaugh alone.

Got it?

I know what the liberal media is trying to get you to believe, but …

Good, we’re on the same page.

The guy’s a blowhard, sure – I’ll concede that.

He once tried a joke on his ill-fated TV show in which he referred to teen Chelsea Clinton as “the White House dog.”

Which is to say, he’s an ass – no, worse.

I mean, he calls his listeners dittoheads.

I can’t imagine how arrogant he has to be on a personal level to even think in those terms.

I digress.

I wanted to stick up for Rush here.


So he has a bad back – and he went doctor-shopping to try to relieve the pain.

Honestly, that’s a crime?

Yes, technically it is.

I understand that.

Same (ditto?) for the bottle of Viagra that he had with him in his luggage that had actually been prescribed in someone else’s name.

No, no – can’t do that.

That all having been said, who’s the real victim in this?

(Aside from whoever is on the other end of him deciding that he needed to have a Viagra bottle in his luggage, that is. Seriously, this is a mental picture that none of us needed to have seared into our mind’s eye forever. Ugh.)

Yeah, I know – you bluster on and on and on like Rush does about other people’s immorality and bad choices and the rest, and you’re bound to get burned when it turns out that you’re not the choir boy that you had implied that you were.

But back to what I was trying to get at with this – I can at least identify with having a bad back, because I’ve had to work through those issues myself after injuring myself playing basketball a few years ago.

And let me tell you – it’s no fun.

And while I can’t say the same about what would lead one to seek Viagra as a medical solution, um …

Er …

OK, I admit it – I snickered when I heard the news, and I’m snickering now as I try to finish this column.

(Insert one-liner about how right apparently doesn’t always make might … here.)

Even so, like I was saying before, please, leave Rush alone.

Even if it’s fun kicking the big bad bully while he’s down.



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