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The casino business is a billion dollar industry and needs a massive amount of labours to support it. Are you looking out for a new job in the casino business? Tired of your boring job and want to try your hands in the casino department? You’re in the right place because we will help you in making that decision.  With an average salary of $46,000, the pay scales are highly lucrative and attractive for applicants. If you think that it is time to stop playing those awesome mobile casino games at home and try your career opportunities in the real-world business venue then, you can consider the following high salary casino jobs.

Casino Dealers

It is always good to stay on the opposite side of the table without having to think about losing money. Isn’t it? Some casinos want experienced dealers and some want inexperienced dealers. The inexperienced positions are handled by in-house training and if you are experienced, then, you need to have a certificate on dealing from a renowned dealing school which will surely give you the upper hand during the recruitment process. As a dealer, you need to know the game in detail and should be able to communicate efficiently with the other players. They determine when its time to shuffle and make accurate payouts with impeccable math skills. Since they are directly involved with the game, they are also responsible for the ground security and casinos trust them to report any type of unfair playing. You can expect a salary from  $17,000 to $53,000 if you manage to crack the position.

Security Manager

Just as the name specifies, as a security manager, you will be responsible for the safety of the casino property and guests as well as supervising the security staff. You need to have an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in criminal and business justice to appear for the recruitment process. Moreover, in some casino viewers, the applicants need to have a permit or certificate for this position as well as a CPR certificate. You can expect a salary between $63,000 and $111,000 for this job position.

Director of Operations

One of the most important jobs on the casino floor is the Director Of Operations. He is responsible for monitoring financial irregularities, making strategies for business profitability, overseeing events and supervising the other casino staffs. This job is very demanding and if you are planning on take this up this up as your full-time career, then, you need to have a Bachelor’s Degree and some experience in the casino business line. This is a very prestigious job in the casino industry and if you get hired, you can get around $86,000 to $158,000 on an average.

Slot Operations Manager

This position is responsible for all the operations taking part in the slot department. Your job will include following the cash reporting requirements, supervising staffs in the slot department, reviewing slot machines and more. If you want to apply for a Slot Operations Manager post, you need to have at least five years experience in the casino business and at least a high school diploma. This position offers a sum ranging from $80,000 to $101,000.

Executive Chef

If you are looking out for a different job in the casino business away from the gaming floor, this job might be the one for you! As an executive chef, you have to supervise all the kitchen activities and develop the menus of the casino restaurant.  You will have to train staffs, order ingredients, arrange food for large events like parties and banquets and develop strategies for delivering food on time to the consumers. This job is not for everyone and requires several years of experience in the food industry. If you have a culinary degree or have worked as a sous chef, then, you can apply for this position for an average pay of $57,000 to $86,000.

Gaming Surveillance Officer

As a Gaming Surveillance Officer, your job will be to monitor the casino for fraudulent activities, detect cheating, help pit bosses and protect the casino property and employees. It basically does not require any formal education. If you have a high school diploma or GED, you can directly apply for this job position. You have to spend a lot of time in the observation rooms which are equipped with monitors, mirrors and more. Although the job does not pay well compared to the other casino jobs, still you can go for it as the average payment ranges between $30,000 and $34,000 per year.

Pit Boss

This job requires a lot of responsibility although it may not seem so. As players, we often criticize pit bosses for disrupting games but considering that they have to monitor all the casino activities, it is understandable how much pressure they have to be in during the working hours. They have to manage the casino atmosphere, answer calls, change card decks, managing dozens of games and maintain total integrity of the gaming floor. This is why every floor has multiple pit bosses. They are responsible for overseeing payouts, fair treatment of customers, filling out paperwork like shift reports and MTL documents. You won’t be able to apply for this position as a fresher, so better start out as a dealer first. Expect around $20 per hour for this position.

So, you can see how the casino business is diversified outside the gaming sector such as security, quality control, cooking, auditing, and hospitality. All of the mentioned jobs are sure to provide you with a promising career and pay really well. So, good luck!


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