Harrah’s New Orleans is first casino to require vaccination card, gamblers moving to digital betting

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Harrah’s New Orleans Hotel & Casino is officially the first U.S. casino to implement a vaccination card required rule to enter and play. Meanwhile, casino goers are cashing in their chips online with digital ‘Toto’ casinos that offer a safer experience.

Harrah’s makes the first move, more to come

The news comes as New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell announced a mandate that includes casinos, race tracks, and fairgrounds. Similarly, all bars, restaurants, gyms and other businesses will need to require a vaccination card to enter.

Alternatively, guests may present their negative Coronavirus test results to enter. People older than 12 years are subject to the new mandate for all activities which the city considers have a “high transmission risk.”

Some casinos already require their staff who refuse to get vaccinated to pay for their own covid testing. While a vaccination card required is not the only way to enter these establishments, it’s much cheaper considering the cost of each test.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak also addressed the vaccination card requirement. He stated that although he didn’t want stricter mandates, this could be a possibility if vaccination rates don’t improve soon.

The popular Life is Beautiful Music & Art Festival in Las Vegas also announced that they are requiring vaccines or negative Coronavirus test results. On the event’s Twitter account they announced:

“Our most important duty as festival hosts is to keep you and your music-loving peers safe every festival weekend,” the post read. “We are putting extra measures in place for the 2021 festival to keep attendees safe from COVID-19”

Because of stricter regulations requiring vaccination, many gamblers are looking to move online for their playing needs. One issue, however, is that the internet is saturated with fraudulent and scam-ridden sites. One new trend is leading players to the Asian-based site Toto to find safe and transparent high-stakes betting.

A safe way to bet online

Toto is a gambling website based in Asia and also one of the largest gambling purveyors in the world. Players looking for the most secure way to gamble online would use a toto website. While Toto does not require credit card payment or deposits initially, gamblers must make an account. This is contrary to the typical upfront fees required by many online casinos.

Gaming on Toto is a unique experience with simple instructions and navigation across the site. Players can engage in all the familiar games such as blackjack and poker, as well as sports betting and slot machines. Toto serves as a host for high-profile gambling sites across Asia and offers a wide variety to choose from.

If a player likes to play with higher stakes, the website also offers what it called ‘Big Bang Betting’. This feature lets the user make a single, high-amount wager to play for equally large sums. There is also VIP betting where players win bonuses and rewards whenever they win. Among the most popular games on the site are slot machines and bingo.

Verifying legitimate online casinos

One main attraction leading players to the Toto website are its transparency and safety guidelines. Toto follows a strict verification process to ensure that all casinos featured on the site are authentic. This also means that transactions are safe and genuine in order to provide the best possible user experience.

The verification process analyzes each player’s gaming history upon creating an account. This weeds out bots and scammers who might fake several accounts at a time. Additionally, a unique feature allows users to see each other’s ‘accident history’. This report details a user’s suspensions or banning from different online casinos. This background check allows Toto to offer peace of mind when playing with strangers across its myriad of online casinos.

Similar to finding legitimate online casinos, it’s important to find genuine places to play safely. One option is to use mukcheck.com, an online gambling verifier that lists fraudulent Toto sites. Equally, the site also lists safe and reputable Toto gaming sites where users can play safely.

The appeal of safe online gambling sites is taking over as physical casinos require a vaccination card to enter. After Harrah’s, many casinos will surely follow suit and require their guests to show some proof of protection against the virus. Finding a reliable online casino such as a Toto site through Mukcheck might be the best way to play during the pandemic.

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