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Haresh Daswani | Mumbai Terrorist Attack: More has to be Done

The devastating attack on Mumbai in the evening of the 26th of November shows us the barbaric savagery of these terrorists. They have nothing to lose, and are willing to give their life to their irrational cause. These terrorists will still continue with their attacks, without a doubt, and with attacks this coordinated, international intelligence and security, we have just been presented just how vulnerable the world still is with terrorist attacks.

What India lacked was enough intelligence information in stopping these well planned attacks. These attacks take months to develop, and with the Sept. 11 attacks in New York presenting us with how far terrorists are willing to go, we should have been prepared for any possible attacks thereafter.

Another major issue was the lack of preventive security in many vital areas of India. This was a very dangerous weak point that was not well covered. It is ridiculous for them to have overlooked such a large security breach given the importance of the location.

This is a large lesson to not only India but the entire world on preventing terrorist attacks. We have seen gas attacks in Tokyo subways, World Trade Center attack in New York, bombings in London, Bali, and Spain, and the list can go on. The terrorists are getting creative, and we are still a few steps behind.
There is now a greater need for shared intelligence throughout the world on possible threats and what could be new and innovative ways of attacking has made it difficult to predict what type of attack will be done next.

Pakistan has to really show that it is truly cooperating in eradicating terrorists and their camps. If they are not capable, then they should seek assistance from everyone else who are willing to sweep through the entire country and seek out these murderers. This is a good and honest way to prove their sincerity and cooperation. Otherwise, none of their apologies could ever be acceptable. Many terrorist camps have originated from Pakistan, and although this does not imply that Pakistan is a country of terrorists, it just proves that Pakistan has done nothing in keeping these terrorists from building training camps. They are a haven for terrorist organizations.

And this will definitely not be over. Al-Qaeda can be eradicated over time, but many more organizations will keep on rising. There is still a need to understand what is the deeper need of these terrorists. They need jobs in their own hometown, they need peace, and since they are not getting any of these, they turn their requests to demand, and want themselves to be heard.

Over time, we will find ourselves being more terrified of terrorists. We are not winning this battle with the way things are going. Something has to be done, and something can be done.


– Column by Haresh Daswani

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