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Ethanol plant draws opposition

Op-Ed by Shirley Rothman

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Is there anyone out there who can help us in Mecklenburg County? The Planning Commission and the County Board of Supervisors are ignoring the citizens. Osage Bio Energy LLC from Glen Allen is forcing an ethanol plant down our throats. This is the same outfit that is attacking Hopewell. Osage has never made a drop of ethanol, but the Tobacco Commission (TICR) approved $1 million to run a water pipeline 13 miles to the site, a beautiful farm on the edge of Chase City that Osage wants rezoned heavy industrial.

Meanwhile, Gov. Tim Kaine visited South Boston, 30 miles down the road, to promote his program of land conservation and preservation. Then he awarded our county $650,000 in grants to help pay for the water pipeline to this ethanol plant, that will spew 700 million pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air.

Over 1,400 people from Chase City, Clarksville, Boydton, Skipwith and the county have signed statements of opposition to the location of this plant. We have 700 acres of industrial parks sitting empty in the county without rezoning this beautiful 600 acre farm right next to a town.

All the national news concerning ethanol is negative. The taxpayers are paying twice for this insane federal program providing subsidies to the manufacturers and then the taxpayer pays taxes at the pump. The state is also paying subsidies.

People in Mecklenburg County need to find an organization, a good law firm, or a hero/heroine to come to our rescue right away. We have a war chest pledged to help with the fight. Please e-mail us at or call 434.372.8363. Do it now.


Shirley Rothman resides in Chase City.

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