Election ’08: Goode backs out of NBC29 debate

Staff Report

NBC29 reported today that Fifth District Congressman Virgil Goode will not participate in a scheduled Oct. 7 debate with Democratic Party challenger Tom Perriello, citing a scheduling conflict. Perriello blasted the Republican for backing out of the debate that had been on the schedule since April in a statement released this afternoon.

“There’s just no excuse for this. We’ve been working with NBC29 and WSET for over six months on scheduling and setting rules for the debate. I call on Congressman Goode to tell his constituents what other event would be more important than a televised debate for the benefit of the voters,” Perriello said. “The truth is: Congressman Goode is just running away from his terrible record on the economy, gas prices, and so many other problems facing middle class families. His constituents deserve the opportunity to hear him defend that record, and hear my vision for bringing jobs and economic relief back to Southside. This is cowardice, not leadership.”

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