Don’t have a Clue? Well, get one

You’ve no doubt played the board game and maybe even seen the 1980s campy movie. Now you can play clue with the help of the Wilson Memorial High School Singing Sergeant’s Seniors, who will present Clue: The Musical on Saturday, May 9 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, May 10 at 3 p.m.

Based on the popular board game Clue, Clue: The Musical follows the adventures of Mr. Boddy, played by faculty member Joe Morris, who is the host of the game, current husband of Mrs. Peacock and the victim of the impending murder; Col. Mustard, played by Matt Wertman, is a war veteran with a vivid imagination; the crime-solving Detective, played by faculty member Erin Whetzel, arrives on the scene to crack the case; Mr. Green, played by actor-director Dustin Roadcap, is a con-artist and entrepreneur; Mrs. Peacock, played by Bri Pursely, can be described as a Black Widow and is chairwoman of Peacock Enterprises; Professor Plum, played by Michael Barnes, is an author and genius; Miss Scarlet, played by Bethanie Glover, is the game’s “femme fatale” and a former Las Vegas lounge singer; and completing the cast, Mrs. White, played by Genevieve Bowles, is chief domestic of the Manor.

Set designer is Jenna Ritchie and set construction and props have been provided by Richard Leatherwood, Brentley Bowles and David Glover.

In addition, three audience members, selected at the beginning of the show, will help determine which one of the play’s 216 outcomes will happen on show night. Selecting cards, the audience members will provide the answers for whodunit, in which room, and with which weapon.

Reserved tickets are $10, general admission, available at the door, $8, and students and children are $5.

For tickets call 540.649.2623 and leave a message.


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