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BitProfit – also known as BitProfit Amazon – is advertised a new crypto trading platform with a proprietary trading software that can help crypto investors earn profits from the market at a higher rate.

Investors’ interest in trading bots has increased, and many traders are curious as to whether BitProfit is genuine, i.e. a legitimate crypto trading bot tool or fake / a scam. This article dives into how BitProfit works and its level of legitimacy.

BitProfit Amazon Summary

Below is a summary of the features of BitProfit Amazon:

Platform type Crypto Trading Platform
Minimum Deposit None
Trading Fees None
Mobile App None
Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP
Leveraged Trading None
Claimed Success Rate 96.2% (not audited)

Your capital is at risk.

What is BitProfit?

BitProfit or ‘BitProfit Amazon’ is reportedly a crypto trading program that helps investors to automate their trading process and earn profits from the market.

Boasting a seamless user interface and an intuitive trading platform, BitProfit Amazon claims to offer beginners and advanced crypto traders an easy way to earn returns on crypto trades. However, the platform appears to be relatively new and there is very sparse information concerning its developers.

How Does BitProfit Amazon Work?

BitProfit Amazon works by tracking the prices of cryptocurrencies and helping traders make orders geared toward profitability. The platform’s website touts its intuitive user interface and artificial intelligence-enabled trading algorithm, which it claims can deliver a high win rate.

BitProfit also claims to work with crypto brokers, who handle trade execution and order management. However, it is worth noting that these claims have yet to be verified by any independent auditor. So we advise traders to approach the crypto trading platform with caution.

While Bitcoin (BTC) is BitProfit’s major trading instrument, the platform also claims to work well for trading several other assets – including the best altcoins such as Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and XRP (XRP). This versatility makes the platform ideal for diverse traders looking to cast broader nets across the market.

BitProfit Key Features

Looking to invest with BitProfit? Here are some things to know before choosing a crypto trading platform:

Versatile Trading

BitProfit provides opportunities for both manual and automated trading. This way, traders have the opportunity to choose which they would prefer.

Demo Account

A demo account is available for BitProfit users, so they can test their strategies before deploying them on the real market. This is quite important for traders getting started in the cryptocurrency market.

Multi-Currency Support

While BitProfit focuses more on Bitcoin, the crypto trading platform also allows traders to speculate on the prices of several altcoins – including ETH, BCH, and XRP.


The platform focuses on finding opportunities in the market – while its partner brokers handle the rest. BitProfit automatically connects users to brokers who handle tasks like order management and trade execution

Intuitive platform

BitProfit’s developers have touted the platform’s ease of use. According to them, even beginners would be able to make use of it to earn returns. However, prospective users should remember that all trading carries risk.

BitProfit Pros & Cons

Despite the claims made by BitProfit’s developers, the platform still has a few shortcomings. Below are some of its merits and shortcomings.


  • Works with brokers
  • User-friendly platform
  • Quick signup process
  • Versatile trading interface
  • No mobile app
  • Little information about its developers

Your capital is at risk.

BitProfit Fees

Below is a breakdown of fees charged by the BitProfit crypto bot:

Deposit Fees None
Trading Commissions None
Withdrawal Fees None
Account Opening Fees None
Account Maintenance Fees None

Is BitProfit Amazon a Scam?

So far, we cannot say whether or not BitProfit is a scam. The platform’s developers have made some huge claims about the software’s legitimacy. There is no verifiable information regarding its success rate and brokers.

The lack of information on the platform’s developers is also a concern. We couldn’t find much information on past customers who have employed the platform to earn profits from the market.

Traders are advised to be careful when using automated trading programs. Cryptocurrencies are volatile, and it is important to only trade with proper risk parameters.

BitProfit Minimum Deposit

BitProfit doesn’t have a minimum deposit. New traders can get started with any amount they’re comfortable with. Which is lower than even some leading crypto trading bot’s min. deposit such as BitAlphaAI and may explain BitProfit’s apparent popularity on social media and in trading circles.

Once more, traders are recommended to stay within proper risk levels when they trade. While cryptocurrencies provide ample profitability opportunities, the market is also largely unregulated and risky. So traders should only trade funds they’re willing to lose.

BitProfit Customer Support

Customer support is critical for any company looking to grow. For BitProfit, customer support is available via a support staff. However, we could not confirm this feature or the swiftness of the service.

How to Use BitProfit

To get started with the BitProfit crypto trading bot, traders can follow these steps:

Sign Up

Visit the official BitProfit website and fill out the form on the page.

Traders will need to provide their name and surname, Email addresses, and phone numbers.

Fund Account

Following the signup, BitProfit will connect a trader with a broker in their region. After the connection, the trader will be able to access the platform and make a deposit.

BiProfit accepts several payment methods – including bank transfers, payment processor, e-wallets, and direct crypto deposits. Remember that there is no minimum deposit.

Demo Account

The demo account on BitProfit is available for traders looking to test their strategies. After funding, traders would be able to use the feature to fine-tune their trades before deploying the strategies on the market.

Start Live Trading

After demo trading, a trader can get on the live trading feature to begin speculating on the market.

An alternative to trading robots and other algorithmic trading platforms, or trading in general, is to invest in a crypto presale – investors concerned if BitProfit is genuine could check out our guides to those.

The Verdict

The BitProfit / BitProfit Amazon crypto trading platform has been getting some buzz from crypto traders. While it is not the most popular trading platform, it is an up-and-coming service that claims to help investors automate their trades and earn profits from the market.

As the review above shows, BitProfit has some benefits. The platform is easy to use, and its claimed success rate of over 96% is very competitive if accurate – although that figure hasn’t been backtested or audited by a third party. We also could not verify many of the other winrate and profitability claims made by BitProfit. We recommend that traders utilising the platform stay within appropriate risk parameters when trading crypto and only invest what they can afford to lose.

Your capital is at risk.


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