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A large portion of the crypto market consists of low-capped cryptocurrencies. These assets are desirable to investors because of their lower market cap and huge profit potential. However, determining the best low-capped cryptos to buy is difficult due to the prevalence of fraudulent projects.

This guide explores some of the best low cap cryptos and how traders can invest in them.

Top Low Cap Crypto Gems to Buy in 2022 – Our Picks

So what are the best low cap crypto gems available in the market? Below, we highlight the top 10 coins investors can buy at a discount now:

  • Tamadoge Overall Best Low Cap Crypto to Buy
  • Battle Infinity – Low Cap P2E Gaming Ecosystem
  • Lucky Block – New Low Cap Crypto for Gaming
  • Theta Fuel – Gas Token for the Theta Blockchain
  • Stacks – Bitcoin-based Smart Contracts Network
  • Holo – Streamlined DLT Platform
  • Moonbeam – Polkadot Based DeFi Platform
  • Siacoin – Decentralised Storage Solution
  • Ravencoin – Specialised P2P Network
  • Harmony – Scalable DeFi Network
  • Qtum – Bitcoin’s UTXO Transaction Model Network

The Top Low Market Cap Coins Reviewed

Despite the broader market downturn, opportunities to profit still exist. Smart investors are purchasing the best low market cap crypto to buy during this bear market.

With crypto prices declining, investors can buy the best low cap crypto gems at a bargain price. This section reviews top cryptocurrencies with the highest potential due to their room for growth.

Tamadoge – Overall Best Low Cap Crypto to Buytamadoge-logo

Tamadoge (TAMA) is a new low-cap crypto project aiming to reshape the meme coin sector by creating a token packed full of utility. Tamadoge is merging NFTs, the Metaverse, and P2E games to create a utility-focused meme coin with intrinsic value.

One of the core features of the project is Tamadoge pets. Each pet comes in the form of an NFT, meaning it can be easily bought, sold, and traded. What’s more, a Tamadoge pet can be given food, toys, and cosmetics items in order to level it up. By improving a Tamadoge pet, a player can earn Dogepoints and work their way up the global Tamadoge leaderboard.

TAMA 1 million

Each month, players will receive rewards based on their position on the leaderboard. This incentivizes players to purchase items from the Tamadoge store in order to improve their ranking. In turn, more funds run through the Tamadoge ecosystem helping to reduce the total token supply through a 5% burn mechanism on store transactions.

The Tamadoge presale is split into two parts, the beta presale, and the general presale. The former will run until September 2nd or until a total of $2 million has been raised. The general presale will conclude during Q4 or once a further $8 million has been raised. While TAMA tokens in the beta presale are currently being sold for just $0.01, as soon as the general presale launches, this figure will increase by 25% to $0.0125. Therefore, it’s a great time to check out Tamadoge and get a deal before prices increase.

With the beta presale selling out quickly, it’s worth joining the Tamadoge Telegram group in order to keep updated with the project’s latest developments (admins will never message first).

Min Investment 1,000 TAMA (∼$10 + gas fee)
Max Investment N/A
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Debit / Credit Card (via Transak)
Chain Ethereum
Beta Sale Ends 2nd September 2022
Presale Ends Q4 2022

Battle Infinity – Low Cap P2E Gaming Ecosystem

Battle InfinityThe new entrant, Battle Infinity, is kicking off our best low cap cryptos to buy list. Based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, Battle Infinity is a fantasy sports gaming platform.

The protocol comprises play-to-earn (P2E) gaming components, non-fungible token (NFT) and metaverse concepts. Here, players can own in-game assets, which they can exchange for more valuable assets or fiat.

Also thrown into the mix is the metaverse concept, which allows players to interact with one another, watch, perform, and explore the IBAT Battle Arena, which serves as the metaverse ecosystem for Battle Infinity.

The protocol has since been dubbed the next Polygon because its development team is based in India. The Indian population has embraced blockchain technology fully. Indian youths are one of the most technologically curious. Polygon’s developers are of Indian descent, and the amount of technical proficiency due to a high level of science-related subjects makes India a coding superpower.

Battle Infinity

Not resting on this laurel, Battle Infinity has one of the most versatile gaming ecosystems in the crypto space. Instead of only featuring battle games, the protocol allows users to bid for real-life sports personalities with virtual budgets. They can then build a virtual team across football, cricket, wrestling, and several others.

Battle Infinity consists of five pillars: the Premier League, Battle Swap, Battle Market, Battle Store, and the IBAT Battle Arena. The Premier League serves as the flagship feature for the project.

Battle Swap allows users to exchange one token for another while the Battle Market and Store deal in value exchange.

Set to launch in the coming months, Battle Infinity has been Solid Proof. The Coinsniper platform has also KYC verified the project.

Battle Infinity Presale

Although the Battle Infinity presale has now concluded, raising 16,500 BNB, the IBAT Token will soon be available to purchase on PancakeSwap. Join the IBAT Telegram group for the latest exchange listing updates.


Lucky Block – New Low Cap Crypto for Gaming LBLOCK logo

Another entry on our list of best low cap cryptos to buy is the BSC-based gaming platform, Lucky Block.

Launched in the early days of this year, Lucky Block is a new low cap crypto protocol that has taken the gaming industry by storm.

The singular mission of the Lucky Block team has been to enable a transparent, fair, and inclusive gaming landscape for players. To this end, the team relies on Chainlink’s Verifiable Randomness (VRF) service, ensuring all winning tickets are not tampered with and are randomly generated. Also, its reliance on blockchain technology means users can rest assured that all transactions are transparent and anyone can participate in the game.

Investors have been keen to buy Lucky Block due to its multiple income-generating potential. All winning tickets are billed 30%, with 10% distributed to its token holders. Then another 6% is shared with LBLOCK users from token sales. The platform has hit mainstream adoption as it recently announced an upcoming listing on the MEXC Global exchange. This follows a successful launch on the LBank platform earlier in the month.

Lucky Block has become a major buzz in the crypto space due to its series of games. Users with at least $5 of Lucky Block can participate in the current giveaway of over $1 million in tokens. Additionally, holders of Platinum Rollers Club, its NFT division, can access the $1 million NFT weekly draws.

Lucky Block’s price began on a tear in early February following its listing on the PancakeSwap DEX. The token surged more than 4,000% from its presale price of $0.0015 to $0096. At press time, LBLOCK, one of the best altcoins to buy, has been hard-hit by the market downtrend and is trading at $0.00096 with a market cap of $97.9 million.


Theta Fuel – Gas Token for the Theta Blockchain

With a $330.2 million market cap, Theta Fuel or TFUEL is a low market cap cryptocurrency with the potential for a massive uptrend.

The digital asset serves as the gas token for the content delivery and blockchain-facing video streaming protocol. TFUEL is mainly used to power operations on the Theta blockchain, like payments to relayers for sharing a video stream, deployment of smart contracts, and serving as the fee for interacting with NFT and decentralised finance (DeFi) applications.

Despite a broader bearish climate, Theta Fuel has continued to score valid points. The video streaming channel recently got listed on the Binance.US Buy Page. Now, TFUEL investors can easily buy the token using USD currency.

TFUEL is trading at $0.063, up 32.27% in the past week.


Stacks – Bitcoin-based Smart Contracts Network

Boasting over $770 million in market valuation, the Stacks blockchain is a layer-1 protocol operating on the Bitcoin network.

The protocol’s mission is to bring smart contracts and enable the development of dApps on the proof-of-work (PoW) network. This is done by altering the decentralised and secure features of the Bitcoin platform.

Looking to bring out the full potential of the Bitcoin protocol, Stacks has been collaborating with a lot of blockchain protocols. In a recent announcement, the Xverse wallet announced the launch of a Bitcoin Naming Service (BNS) built on the Stacks network. This will allow users to receive and send crypto with their BNS usernames.

At press time, Stacks’ STX token is trading at $0.456, up 26.94% in the past week.

Holo – Streamlined DLT Platform

Boasting over $402 million in total value locked (TVL), the Holo blockchain takes the fifth spot on our best low market cap cryptocurrency to buy in the coming bull market. The Holo blockchain has a unique proposition. Instead of copying an entire blockchain ledger, the protocol picks only information relevant to the user.

The protocol launched in 2018 and has been one of the most talked about projects in the crypto industry. Holo chain solves the issues around scalability and blockchain throughput by allowing users to only deal with data that concerns them.

On the fundamental front, Holochain has recently been tapped by an instant messaging (IM) platform, Kizuna, to develop its service.

At press time, HOT token is trading at $0.0023, up 23.43% in the past week.

Moonbeam – Polkadot Based DeFi Platform

With just $729 million to its name, Moonbeam is another best low cryptos to buy that investors should pay attention to. The platform is based on the Polkadot platform but is Ethereum-compatible. This means users can easily trade and interact with ERC tokens, principally known with the Ethereum network.

The platform operates as a parachain on the Polkadot network and allows developers to leverage Ethereum’s Web3 RPC, accounts, keys, subscriptions, logs, and more. Moonbeam’s strong Ethereum affiliation enables developers to build on Polkadot with minimal changes to their setup. The protocol is powered by its GLMR token.

Moonbeam has recently integrated with Qoda Finance. The platform has been selected for a testnet launch by the DeFi protocol.

At press time, the GLMR token is trading at $0.78, up 11.4% in the last seven days.

Siacoin – Decentralised Storage Solution

Siacoin commands under $226 million in TVL and is one of the best low cap cryptos to buy for several reasons. It is focused on the decentralised storage business, allowing users to store their important details on extra bandwidths of its distributed computers.

Siacoin functions as a decentralised storage marketplace as it pairs a user and a storage provider. The SC token powers most operations on the network, allowing users to pay for fees, computation and model tasks, governance, and staking. The platform aims to become the decentralised storage backbone for the rapidly grown crypto economy.

Fundamentally, Siacoin lacks any recent market news. However, the project pulls a lot of weight among crypto investors. Siacoin trades at $0.0044, up 30.85% in the last week.

Ravencoin – Specialised P2P Network

Leaning strongly into a decentralised value ideology, Ravencoin is one of the top low market cap cryptos. The platform boasts $606.5 million in its fully diluted market cap. Ravencoin operates as a digital peer-to-peer (P2P) network that focuses on transferring value across different blockchains.

Unlike other low market cap cryptos, Ravencoin only functions in this specific use case of blockchain technology.

The platform was built on a Bitcoin fork and is a fair-launched project. The platform has no recent fundamentals but keeps attracting much investor interest.

At press time, its RVN token is trading at $0.028, up 35.75% in the past week.

Harmony – Scalable DeFi Network

With a fully-diluted market cap of $347.5 million, Harmony blockchain is one of the best low cap cryptos to buy as the crypto market recovers. The layer-0 blockchain protocol is a new generation network that enables the development of smart contracts and dApps.

Harmony does this by using random state sharding, which allows it to create multiple blocks in seconds instead of minutes. The platform boasts of enabling 2-second finality for transactions posted to its network.

The Harmony blockchain has been working on its cross-chain infrastructure and cross-shard contracts in the past year, and the project has linked up with networks like Ethereum and Solana to enable interoperability. The ONE token serves as the network’s utility token.

Harmony has been hard-hit by a major hack which saw it lose millions in investors’ funds. However, the platform is still building out its ecosystem and recently partnered with Miracle Universe. The integration will allow game developers to access top-notch tech stacks, funding, tokenisation, design, and distribution.

At press time, the ONE token is trading at $0.027, up 44.21% in the past week.

Qtum – Bitcoin’s UTXO Transaction Model Network

Raking in $342 million in market cap, the Qtum blockchain rounds up our best low cap cryptos to buy list.

The platform is a proof-of-stake (PoS) smart contract network that allows the development of smart contracts in an open-source environment. It focuses on scalability and relies on Bitcoin’s UTXO transaction model to build a truly decentralised and secure solution.

Qtum leverages the high-security undertone of the Bitcoin network and Ethereum’s robustness in dApps to provide a truly modern blockchain concept.

The platform’s popularity is grabbing investors’ attention. According to a recent tweet, the Qtum blockchain hit 2 million blocks, pointing to a growing number of solutions building atop the protocol.

At press time, the QTUM token is trading at $3.33, up 28.16% in the past week.

What is Low Cap Crypto?

Before going further into what a low cap crypto is, we need to understand what a market cap means. So what is a market cap?

A market cap is synonymous with the total dollar value of a crypto asset. This is usually derived from multiplying the current price of an asset by the number of coins currently in circulation.

A low cap crypto asset is a digital asset with a market cap lower than $1 Billion. This is largely predominant among newly launched projects.

These assets offer more upsides and a larger crypto bag. Due to their lower prices, investors can buy more than their more expensive and established competitors. While investing in a large cap project can be a smart choice, many low cap cryptocurrencies offer more opportunities to make profitable trades.

Factors to Consider When Searching for Low Market Cap Cryptocurrencies

Identifying some of the most promising coins can be a major chore, given the low public interest they attract. How should investors source the best low cap cryptos to buy?

Top News Outlets

Reputable news platforms like B2B Community and Bloomberg are viable media outlets investors can use to identify fast-rising stars in the crypto space. Development teams usually use these platforms to push their brand to the wider public and announce product updates.


Although a social media network, Reddit has quickly carved a niche for itself as the crypto investor’s paradise. The platform has multiple channels or subreddits where crypto enthusiasts discuss newly launched and promising low cap cryptocurrencies. Looking to stay in the loop? Joining a Reddit crypto forum will help.

Data Aggregators

Data aggregator websites like Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko constantly list new coins daily. These sites boast thousands of projects. Newly listed coins are added to the ‘Recently Added’ tags.

Investors can also look at the Trending section to see the projects making their debut on the global crypto charts, and filter by market cap and price for micro cap cryptos under $1.

Social Media (Follow the Right Influencers)

Social media platforms like Twitter, Discord and Instagram are popular hotbeds for crypto discussions. Many influencers use these platforms to educate their followers on the projects they hold and new projects breaking into the market. Following the right influencers on these platforms will help an investor stay aware.

Should You Invest in a Low Cap Crypto?

Investors often avoid these altcoins, given their relative novelty and low market cap. But what do investors stand to gain if they invest in low cap crypto assets? They are prone to large price swings due to their lower market value. However, the minute a bull market is in play, low cap cryptos tend to post more profits than their large-cap counterparts.

Below, we’ll examine some other reasons:

Huge Upside

Cryptos with lower market caps have low dollar valuations compared to their more established counterparts. Given their relatively low dollar value, they tend to post more price uptrends within a short period. A low market crypto can easily scale more than 50% in a good market climate. For instance, the Lucky Block token surged more than 4,000% in less than two weeks of its launch. This was during a full-swing bear market.

Also see our guide to the cryptos with the most potential.

Trade at a Discount

Low cap cryptocurrencies also cost less in upfront investment. This is different when dealing with a project like BTC. A $100 investment can only obtain fractions of Bitcoin, and a price surge would not directly impact the expected return on investment.

With a token less than a dollar, a 20% surge would create huge upsides.

Have More Utility

Low cap cryptos also have more utility than their large cap counterpart. Aside from facilitating network fee payments and securing the network, the BTC asset does little else.

Meanwhile, the IBAT token facilitates payments, computation and model data usage, NFT and Metaverse use, staking, and governance. Lower cap assets generally provide more utilities than larger cap assets.

Best Platforms to Buy Low Cap Crypto Gems

With an understanding of what a low cap crypto is, investors may wonder about the best platforms to use. There are several cryptocurrency trading platforms in the market. However, we recommend using eToro.eToro logo

eToro is a social trading platform and one of the best places to buy low cap crypto gems.

Traders who use eToro benefit from its community. Investors can communicate and learn from one another. This communication is made possible via eToro’s CopyTrader functionality, allowing users to copy more experienced traders’ trades for low fees. CopyTrader saves beginner traders from taking unmitigated risks while enabling them to profit from their trades. Essentially, new traders can learn and earn with CopyTrader.

Additionally, the CopyPortfolio feature allows users to diversify their portfolios across top-performing industries and sectors. This feature automatically rebalances their investment basket, ensuring that investors always obtain the best returns on investments (ROIs).

eToro crypto

eToro is also user-friendly. A manual isn’t required to place an investor’s first trade. Also, the platform has a low minimum deposit of $10, and investors can deposit without any fees using a bank wire transfer, credit/debit card, and e-wallet solutions like PayPal.

eToro is also secure. It offers two-factor authentication (2FA) for users. In addition, the platform is regulated by top financial watchdogs like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Australian Securities and Exchange Commission (ASIC), Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), and the Financial Industry and Regulatory Agency (FINRA).

To purchase the best low cap cryptos to buy, follow these detailed steps:

Sign Up

eToro ETH sign up

Visit the official eToro website and tap on the ‘Start Investing’ button. This will lead to the registration page. Put in your preferred username, email address, and password.

Verify ID

eToro is regulated, meaning new users must comply with stipulated know-your-customer (KYC) guidelines. This doesn’t take a lot of time. All new users have to do is upload a copy of their driver’s license or official ID and a copy of their utility bill or recent bank statement.


To fund an account, tap on the profile icon and select the ‘Deposit Funds’ button. Then, select a preferred payment method and insert how much to credit the newly created eToro trading account. Once done, tap on ‘Deposit’ to complete the process.

Buy Crypto

The last step is to buy crypto. Type in the ticker symbol for the preferred asset and select the relevant popup result. Then, click on ‘Trade’ to open up the order box. Fill in a purchasing amount and click on ‘Open Trade’ to complete the purchase.


Low cap cryptocurrencies may be volatile and risky, but they provide one of the fastest means for investors to hit their financial goals, especially if they identify the genuine ones. On our list of the best low cap cryptos to buy, our top pick is IBAT, Battle Infinity’s token. IBAT is also the best new cryptocurrency in the market now.

Tamadoge is one of the hottest low cap crypto projects on the market. It’s packed full of utility and with a series of centralized exchange listings planned after both presales have concluded, it’s a great time to get invovled while prices are still low.

Battle Infinity has all it needs to succeed in the highly competitive crypto market. It is a fantasy sports game. And integrating NFTs and the Metaverse makes it rightly positioned to make a landmark in the crypto space.

tamadoge presale


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