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Applying for a tourist visa? Here are four important tips to get you approved!

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If you’ve ever tried to apply for a tourist visa, then you know how challenging the entire process can be, especially when you are planning to visit a country that doesn’t offer preferential visa treatments to the citizens of your country. However, regardless of the country or region you are aiming to visit, tourism visas don’t just come on a platter of gold, and most times, you may even have to go through the rigorous process of sitting for an interview.

But in spite of all these, getting a tourist visa to visit your dream country is still absolutely achievable even if your country doesn’t get to enjoy some visa preferences – like the Malaysia evisa for Indians – to your target country. In this light, we will now share with you some tested-and-trusted tips to get your tourism visa approved so that you can finally catch the sight of those fabled cities and sites you’ve been longing to see.

Tick all necessary boxes

Without mincing words, no one will grant you a visa to go on tour in their country simply because it is you who is asking. Instead, you need to tick all the necessary boxes – that is, bring all that’s required of you. When it comes to visa applications, there is nothing more crucial than your ability to meet the necessary requirements. Although many people have often told some horror stories about how their visa applications were declined for no reason, recent reviews have shown that many of these applicants don’t even come to the embassy with all the required documents. It seems like some people think that some documents are less important than others, and as such, they can be skipped. Far from it! Most embassy officers will not even give you their attention, let alone grant you a visa if they discover that you haven’t possessed all the necessary documents. It looks to them like you are not even serious about your agenda.

  • Quick Tip: Always ensure that your passport is not near its expiration date. And as for the other documents, be sure to keep them organized.

Instructions are absolutely king

Remember how you can fail a college examination simply by not following the stated instructions? Well, brace yourself because it is only going to get more tedious at an embassy. Just by using the wrong color of envelope, you could ruin your chances of being granted a visa! While some embassies may require having an interview with you, some don’t, and for these embassies, your chances depend solely on how well you’ve organized the submitted documents. They may ask you to staple your passport photograph on the top left corner of a certain document, fill your forms in blue ink, or use a specific color of envelope. Failure to adhere to any of these stated instructions could result in your application being declined. Although the application process may be so tedious and exhausting, you’re advised to follow it through carefully by paying special attention to every little detail.

Always present authentic documents

More often than not, people try to submit falsified and fake documents to an embassy in an attempt to improve their chances of being granted a visa. Our advice is that you shouldn’t even try this. Don’t think for a moment that you can fool the embassy officers because they have all the necessary resources in place to vet all the documents you’re submitting. So when you submit a fake, chances are you will be caught, and this will not bode well for you at all. In fact, it may even result in you being banned from applying for a visa to the country ever again.

Provide relevant travel documents

When you provide an embassy officer with proof that you’ve traveled out of your country before, there is a high chance that they will grant you a visa. With proofs like previous travel tickets, bookings, or even stamps on your passport, the officer will know that you’re well-traveled and that you always return to your country, and if they grant you a visa to visit their country, you won’t overstay your term.

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