ACC Network’s ‘Packer and Durham’ coming to a surprising end on Friday

ACC NetworkThe ACC Network’s signature show, “Packer and Durham,” will broadcast its final episode on Friday, ending a nearly three-year run.

The surprise news came from hosts Mark Packer, the son of legendary basketball color commentator Billy Packer, and Wes Durham, the son of the late and also legendary Woody Durham, the long-time play-by-play voice at UNC, who made the announcement on their show on Wednesday, which was broadcast, as has been the case from the launch of the show, from a studio located in Packer’s Charlotte basement.

“If you had 1,028 shows from radio and TV, you have won the bingo ‘Packer and Durham,’ you have free mugs coming your way if you had that number,” Packer said after announcing the news.

“Our program has really been special,” Durham said a little later. “It has been incredible to be a part, and I’d say a big part of the ACC Network from its inception.”

That would be an understatement. “Packer and Durham” opens the day for ACC Network viewers weekdays from 7-10 a.m., featuring interviews with coaches, student-athletes, ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips and a crew of sportswriters and sports broadcasters.

Aside: my dream of one day having my mug on the show with them to talk UVA athletics is about to die a quiet death.

And yes, I’m aware that was never going to happen.

But still; it was my dream.

Back to the surprise news: what’s odd about the move is that it wasn’t rumored ahead of time, and that we’re not really being given any reasons why the show is being pulled.

“We owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to Mark and Wes for all that they have done since the launch of ACCN. Over 650 shows and countless guests, they’ve been integral to ACCN’s initial success. Moving forward, we have an opportunity to look at the network’s programming and excited to share what’s to come for the 2022-23 season,” ESPN senior director of programming and acquisitions Jeramy Michiaels said in a press release from ESPN, the parent company of ACC Network.

“Packer and Durham has been a staple show since ACCN launched in 2019 and instrumental to its success,” ACC Network coordinating producer Aaron Katzman said. “While the end of the show is bittersweet we look forward to continuing to bring our viewers the best ACC content with Mark and Wes as integral and valued voices on the network.”

Please, please, don’t let this be an opening for the insufferable Jordan Cornette and Dalen Cuff or the vapid Kelsey Riggs, who already get more airtime on the network’s studio shows than any standard of decency should allow.

Of course that’s what they’re going to do.

Chris Graham

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