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7 apps that every student needs to have in 2019

In the past, many educators believed that having a laptop and cell phone that can access the internet is all the technology that a student needs to prepare for the future. However, times have changed, and technology has become the driving force in education.

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Almost all education institutions, whether offering kindergarten or postgraduate programs, are incorporating innovative technology to make it easier for a student to get up-to-date information quicker. Even with all the information at your fingertips, some apps will increase a student’s productivity. Whether for writing, time management or keeping fit, in this list you will find all the apps you need to make your school life more comfortable.


Who needs to have an external hard disk when you have Dropbox which gives you a ton of space to save all your files? With the Dropbox app for mobile, you can sync your data between your laptop and mobile device and access your files from anywhere. While a hard disk can crash and cause you to lose everything stored, with this app you will be able to keep the most critical files on the cloud, which means that you can access them from any computer.

Alarmy: Sleep if you can

If you are a deep sleeper or a persistent alarm snoozer, then you need an alarm clock that will make sure that you get up on time. Alarmy: Sleep if you can is an alarm app that will require you to take a photo of the registered area or room before the annoying alarm sound can turn itself off. Completing that small task will ensure you not only wake up on time but remain alert. Apart from the annoying sound what separates this app from other alarms is that it also has a weather update which will help you decide on the type of outfit to wear.


If you are an international student that does not speak English well, then the chances are high that you might need a professional writer service. While an expert can help give you a custom paper that will boost your score, for you to become an excellent writer, you must learn from the top instructors who are also qualified. With Udemy app, you can access the various course and get an instructor who is passionate about your field of study.


As any busy student will tell you that sticking to a budget and handling investment decisions is challenging, especially when you have to balance school, part-time job, and extracurricular activities. Luckily, Mint will help you categorize and organize your expenses so that you can have a clear idea of where your money is going to. By tracking your spending, you can get smart about money.

Moleskine Notes

To write notes by hand or type them is a debate that has graced many lecture halls. Recent research shows note taking is a critical component of formal learning. Therefore, students should use note taking a medium that best motivates them to grasp knowledge faster and efficiently. Moleskine Smart Writing Set allows a student to save notes as they write and easily share them. With the app itself, which is called Moleskine Notes, you can peruse your handwritten notes wherever you are. It also has smart sticker features which you can use to tag your notes, making them easier to organize and find.

Fitness Builder

Just because school life is hectic, it does not mean that you cannot squeeze in a workout. The benefits of exercising are many, and they work to keep your body, including the brain healthy. By using an app specifically for exercising, you can stay active, manage stress, improve mood, and lower the chances of getting heart disease and other chronic conditions. However, which are the right exercises? Fitness Builder has instructional workout videos and a variety of tools that will help you reach your fitness goals.


Do you need help to study for an upcoming exam? Cram is a free app that allows users to download and use flashcards to study for an upcoming test. A cool feature about this app is that you can create your flashcards on your laptop and synchronize them with the mobile app. Its ability to allow the user to add photos to the flashcards works to enhance memory and make learning visually appealing.

As a student, you need to take advantage of all the available tools. With the listed above apps, you can enhance your learning experience and manage other aspects of your life.

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