3 advantages of structural steel frame construction

businessWhile you may be thinking that steel is only used for skyscrapers and extremely large agricultural buildings, this is not the case and it can be used for a wide range of buildings from garages to even using steel frames from start to finish. Sustainability, durability and affordability are the main reasons why many people choose to opt for steel when constructing a metal building. This is a reliable choice and here is why.

Steel vs Wood

One of the main advantages to using steel is how much lighter it is compared to other materials particularly when compared to wood which is also commonly used in the structure of buildings. While it may weigh more in terms of density, it is lighter for framing. This means fewer labour costs for you, reduced shipping costs as this can be a major dent in your budget and is also simplifies the design of the building’s foundation, reducing your building project budget even further.

Speed Up Your Construction Project

Time is money and a big perk of using a steel building is how much time it can save you. Whether it is being used in a huge, costly project or you are simply purchasing a steel building as your garage, you will save money. If you are purchasing a steel building for your own garden, then you can easily set this up with just the help of a few family members or friends, saving you on labour costs. As steel buildings rea pre-engineers to be a specific design at the manufacturing plant, when they are shipped out, they should be ready to be erected immediately. This means large-scale projects can also be completed quicker. Furthermore, the human error element is removed here, so you won’t be wasting time re-producing materials that do not measure correctly the first time around.

Save Money

Money talks and many people will opt for what is going to be good quality but also cost-effective and this is what steel buildings provide you with for your project. A lot of your costs will be saved from the labour and the amount of time spent constructing the building. If you shop around, you can find steel building companies such as Armstrong Steel who offer extremely competitive prices which will allow you to save big. You can price up your building on their website and secure your price to protect you from the rising steel prices.

However, there are also some other reasons why it will save you money in the long run.

One of the biggest reasons is that steel can actually be recycled. So, instead of sending your steel off to the landfill where you will also receive a charge, you can instead recycle waste. You’ll find in many countries now that this is now subsidised and it can also create a positive public perception of your company if you are seen to be environmentally friendly.

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