Co-Art Gallery present Staunton Art and Artisan Tour

staunton virginiaVisit Downtown Staunton for a hands on art experience on Saturday, April 14th from 11am-8:30 pm. Follow the  Staunton Art and Artisans Walking Tour and enjoy creative works by local artists.

“TRY ITs” include the following:

  • Artful Gifts LLC lets you experience felt making
  • Appalachian Pieceworks Textiles will share different textile tetchniques
  • The Artisans Loft  you can give clay a try.
  • Co-Art Gallery will have workstations where you can try different paint and printing methods
  • Sunspots Studios has a hands-on glass project and glass-blowing demonstrations

Guides available at : Co-ART Gallery # 22 W. Beverley StreetThe Artisans Loft # 19 W. Beverly StreetSunspots Studios #202 S.Lewis St.


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