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Copywriting is an important element of any marketing strategy curated with a goal to effectively reach and gain the attention of a predetermined target audience in the genuine pursuit of business success. Such business success that is centered around integral companies with identically integral business products or services marketed by the use of transparent marketing strategies.

High quality copywriting implements the type of clear messaging that is typically crafted by a trained and skilled professional marketing writer. This can represent the difference between establishing that desired contact with the potential customer or client, or not. Copywriting has the same, if not potentially more impact in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. There are several reasons why crypto copywriting is such an important piece to any serious crypto marketing campaign.


Drawing Out The Clear Message

The first consideration to be made when a business wants to reach its ideal audience is to fully understand the business value proposition and ensure that it is completely captured in all elements of brand messaging. This is to ensure brand identity is accurately conveyed and articulated across communication channels which bridge to the potential customer base. Messaging is often viewed as the one opportunity that a business may ever get to either connect with a potential future client or not.

In the cryptocurrency space it is vitally important to get this correct. With so many projects and actively developed blockchain ideas, it is overwhelmingly easy to be the needle that gets lost in the haystack of thousands of active and live projects.

In such a crowded, yet tight-nit space, a crypto-aligned business or project must be able to accurately and concisely introduce the brand, business and why both make a positive difference to a targeted demographic, in just a few short words which require just a few short seconds to preview and process.

An effective crypto copywriter will be able to accomplish this goal often through an initial interview process in which the business and brand can be understood by the professional marketer in order for effective copy to be created for the intended content consumer.


The Technicals Of Reaching The Target Audience

Once the business messaging is clear, and specifics about the ideal customer or client are clearly understood the next vital step is understanding exactly how to reach them. It may sound simple, but identifying the best marketing channels to utilize in order to reach the ideal places and spaces where the target audience can be found, can be a highly technical endeavor.

In order for copywriting, and specifically crypto copywriting to be effective, the target audience must be identified, understood and located prior to being reached. But even once identified, understood and located, more goes into it.

In SEO strategies found to be largely effective in crypto marketing, integrating keywords being searched for by the ideal audience into content is an extremely important undertaking. A crypto copywriter is able to identify the strongest keywords and craft copy which can help a crypto project or brand begin to organically rank higher, potentially reaching the top page of Google for the associated keyword(s). This can make a huge difference in the amount of organic traffic gained by the project or business, and become a source of consistently new leads and prospective clients.


What To Write And Where To Publish

Once the ideal audience and how to reach them becomes clear, it then becomes pertinent for any advertising business to reach out to the most effective marketing channels decided upon to accomplish the established goals.

Crypto copywriters also have established relationships in many instances, that not only give businesses and projects an automatic inside connection to different media and content outlets, but the relationships often come with other advantages which are only established through time.


Bringing It All Together To Achieve Results

Leveraging the talents, skills and expertise of a crypto copywriter can be the one of the best things a blockchain project or crypto-aligned business can do for the growth of the project. There is significant effort which can be maximized and time which can be accelerated by employing a crypto copywriter and professionals from among the ranks of talented companies like Coinpresso, a company made up of crypto specialists, originally based in Auckland, NZ while stretching across the globe.

From the technology-centered verbiage to the technical concepts and close-knit community of individuals engaged in the crypto industry, the involvement of crypto marketing specialist is something that any serious crypto or blockchain focused organization will employ to navigate the unique, rapidly evolving cryptocurrency terrain.

Joe Lyons

Joe Lyons

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