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Will Hammer announces candidacy for House of Delegates

Will Hammer is running against Del. Dickie Bell for the House of Delegates 20th District seat this year.

Will Hammer awarded Libertarian Party’s top candidate award

Hard work helped two-time Libertarian candidate Will Hammer win record votes in his campaigns for public office.

will hammer

Will Hammer: I ask for your vote on Nov. 3 in the 20th District

This Election Day you have a clear choice for delegate of the 20th District. You have a choice between someone who isn’t scared to take a stance and protect your natural rights and someone who goes along with their party, part of the broken two-party system.

will hammer

Virginia Citizens Defense League releases pro-gun ratings

The Virginia Citizens Defense League released its General Assembly candidate ratings this week. 20th House District Libertarian candidate Will Hammer was given a “very pro-gun” rating, which is the highest the organization rewards candidates.

will hammer

Will Hammer: Empowering the individual

You hear a lot of people complain about our elected officials, career politicians, the other party, their own party, government bureaucracy, our dwindling rights, and so on.

Libertarian Will Hammer has qualified for the 20th House District ballt

Will Hammer has qualified for November’s Virginia House District 20 ballot. Hammer, the Libertarian candidate who ran against Representative Bob Goodlatte (VA-6) last year, is facing incumbent Delegate Dickie Bell, a Republican.

Will Hammer: Judicial, police reform needed

The recent appalling incident that left UVA honor student Martese Johnson bloodied and arrested is yet another example of the apparent increase of excessive force used by police across the country.

Libertarian Will Hammer announces for 20th House District race

Will Hammer has announced that he is running against Dickie Bell for the Virginia House of Delegates 20th District seat this year.