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clean virginia project

Clean Virginia Project takes aim at Dominion Energy influence

The Clean Virginia Project is a new initiative to defend Virginia consumers and small business owners from the political stranglehold of Dominion Energy.

Pro-LGBT bills down in flames in GOP House

Don’t let anybody tell you that one vote doesn’t matter. Lawmakers in Virginia’s House of Delegates today summarily killed four bills that would have ensured more equal treatment under the law for LGBTQ people across the Commonwealth.

chris graham acc kickoff

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: #TakeaKnee

Chris Graham talks #TakeaKnee, and the intersection of sports and politics.

ralph northam

Ralph Northam on Graham-Cassidy Senate failure

Dr. Ralph Northam comments on the U.S. Senate’s latest failure to pass Graham-Cassidy, an attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

ralph northam campaign

Northam campaign to air new TV ad: ‘Enron Ed’

The Northam for Governor campaign announced it will begin airing a new ad entitled “Enron Ed.”


Another new poll gives Northam big lead in Virginia governor race

One Virginia governor race poll released yesterday had Democrat Ralph Northam and Republican Ed Gillespie tied.

ralph northam

Virginia Credit Union League endorses Ralph Northam for governor

The Virginia Credit Union League, the state trade association for the Commonwealth’s 136 member-owned credit unions, today announced its endorsement of Democrat Ralph Northam for governor.

ralph northam

Northam on proposed Cassidy-Graham healthcare legislation

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ralph Northam is coming out forcefully against the new version of Trumpcare making its way back through the U.S. Senate.

Suffolk poll: Virginia governor race tied

A Suffolk University poll shows Democrat Ralph Northam and Republican Ed Gillespie tied, with 42 percent supporting or leaning toward each.

New poll: Northam with five-point lead on Gillespie at top of state ticket

Democrat Ralph Northam has a five-point lead on Republican Ed Gillespie in the race for the open Virginia governor job, according to a poll released Monday by the University of Mary Washington.

ralph northam

Ralph Northam issues technology policy plan

Democratic Party gubernatorial nominee Ralph Northam has unveiled his policy plan to build and expand Virginia’s vibrant technology ecosystem.

ralph northam

Northam hits $16.3 million in campaign fundraising: Report

The Northam for Governor campaign announced it raised $7,214,788.57 for the last reporting period ending August 31.

ralph northam

Virginia Transportation Construction alliance endorses Northam for governor

The Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance announced Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam as its choice to be the 73rd governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

ralph northam

Northam statement on Anthem staying in the Virginia marketplace

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam comments after Anthem’s decision to continue offering insurance policies under the Affordable Care Act throughout Virginia.

ralph northam

Lack of Northam response on Jefferson statue tarp: Political impact?

Some Democrats expressed private worry over the zeal of candidates on the Virginia state ticket to jump out on the Confederate monuments issue in the aftermath of Aug. 12.

ralph northam

Northam: Trump’s ACA sabotage leaves Virginians without choice of insurers

More than 66,000 residents in 58 cities and counties could be left with no coverage and no options next year as insurers end their participation in Virginia’s exchanges.

ralph northam

Northam issues K-12 education policy plan

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam unveiled his policy plan to bolster Virginia’s public education and strengthen opportunities for all of Virginia’s children.

ralph northam

Statement from Dr. Ralph Northam on Confederate statues

Ralph Northam comments on the City of Charlottesville’s decision to remove the statue of Robert E. Lee from Emancipation Park.

ralph northam

Northam campaign finally on TV with biograhical ad spot

Today, the Northam for Governor campaign announced it will begin airing its first ad of the general election entitled “My Life.”

ralph northam

Quinnipiac poll: Northam leads in Virginia governor race

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam holds a 44-38 percent lead over Republican Ed Gillespie in the Virginia governor’s race, according to a Quinnipiac University poll.

ralph northam

Northam announces agriculture, forestry policy plan

Dr. Ralph Northam unveiled his new agriculture and forestry policy plan that will continue championing the growth of Virginia’s number one private industry.

ralph northam

VCU poll: Northam, Democrats hold leads in all three state races

Democrat Ralph Northam holds a five-point lead over Republican Ed Gillespie among likely voters — 42 percent to 37 percent.

ralph northam

American Federation of Teachers endorses Ralph Northam for governor

American Federation of Teachers leaders released a statement after endorsing Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam for governor of Virginia.

ralph northam

Human Rights Campaign endorses Ralph Northam for governor

Today, the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBTQ civil rights organization, has endorsed Dr. Ralph Northam for governor.

ralph northam

Northam web video offers view of healthcare landscape in rural Virginia

The Northam for Governor campaign released “Wise,” an online video shining a light on the healthcare landscape in rural Virginia.

Clean energy meeting in Staunton

After the elections last fall, Americans have been more divided than ever over politics.

ralph northam

Northam campaign announces joint appearance, debate schedule

The Northam for Governor campaign announced its complete schedule of debates and joint appearances.