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Why is everybody dumping on Robert Griffin III?

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is this generation’s Ryan Leaf, the second pick behind a once-in-a-generation QB going bust. Except that he’s not Ryan Leaf, or anything close to it.

Fire up the message boards: And fire Mike London?

Fire Mike London, sure. Nuke the program, and start over. Get a new coach in to no doubt clean house to get his guys in, which will take at least four years to get Virginia football back on the road to respectability.

AccuWeather.com: Would Super Bowl snow favor Seattle?

Although the home of the Denver Broncos receives approximately 54 inches of snow per winter, while Seattle receives a mere 7 inches, snowfall at the Super Bowl game could give the Seahawks an edge,

NFL Playoffs: Divisional Playoff Preview

Four down, seven more to go, as the 2014 Super Bowl Tournament shifts from the Wild Card to Divisional Round. Four teams rested this weekend, and enjoy home-field advantage next weekend. How much of a difference does the rest and home cookin’ make?

Chris Graham: SnyderMania

Lots of buzz over the news that the Washington Redskins are preparing to trade away their next several drafts – actually, just three first-rounders and a second-rounder – for the right to pick whichever quarterback the Indianapolis Colts leave on the table in next month’s NFL Draft. Ostensibly, then, the ‘Skins will end up with […]

David Reynolds | Being there

You were there. You were walking through it. Maybe for the last time. It was the portal you always take to get to your seats. And, as always, you made sure you gave your tickets to the same ticket taker. Especially today.