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Spring into summer for the next Miata cruise

Yes, Virginia, there will be a spring Miata cruise – but it’ll have to wait until summer

Jim Bishop: Miata cruise set for Sunday

Yes, Virginia, there will be a fall cruise of area Mazda Miata mavens (that’s you!). The date: Sunday afternoon, Sept. 25 (sorry if you already have a conflict). Once again, participants will assemble at the lonely Waterman Square Shopping Center parking lot, corner of W. Market Street – Rt. 33 west – and Waterman Drive. […]

A Miata cruise? You can’t lose

A few of you may be wondering . . . if tin whistles are made of tin, what are fog horns made of? No, actually, you may be asking, silently or aloud: is a fall Miata cruise to be or not to be, THAT is the question! And the answer: YES – weather and your […]

Miata cruise

Picture this – A lazy Sunday afternoon with spectacular, sun-drenched weather and pleasant temperatures providing a the backdrop for a gang of merry Miata mavens who refuse to grow up to come together in one Accord (would we all fit?), form a big boss line, hit the accelerator (while keeping an eye on the speedometer) […]

Jim Bishop | Miata cruise set for June 7

The question keeps circling ’round: So . . . when we gonna have another Miata cruise? Glad you asked! Circle your social calendars for Sunday June 7, for a spring Miata cruise – Rt. 33 west to “Almost Heaven, West Virginia,” with a pit stop once again at Moe Fatz ice cream parlor south of Franklin, […]