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Robert Hurt: Best wishes for the New Year

Representing all Fifth District Virginians for the last six years has been a great honor and an opportunity for which I will always be grateful.

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Sen. Warner on Obama administration response to Russia interference

U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner issued a statement on the Obama administration’s announcement that it will impose additional sanctions on Russia.

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Robert Hurt: With offshore energy ban, Obama cements legacy of overreach

President Obama once again made a sweeping policy change by executive decree, flying the face of our constitutional system of government.


Warner, Banking Committee Democrats press Wells Fargo for answers

Sen. Mark R. Warner called on Wells Fargo’s board of directors to respond to questions that the bank’s management has failed to answer.


Senate Democrats demand full disclosure from Trump nominees

Democratic Ranking Members of 16 Senate Committees issued the following joint statement of principles for vetting the President-elect’s nominees.

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Robert Hurt: Maintaining pressure on the Iranian regime

Congress took a significant step to continue applying pressure to Iran by extending and reauthorizing the Iran Sanctions Act.


Obama signs Sen. Warner’s bill to honor OSS veterans

President Obama has signed into law legislation authored by Sen. Mark R. Warner to honor veterans of the Office of Strategic Services.

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Pearl Harbor: A solemn reminder of sacrifice

Last Wednesday, December 7th, marked the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The day following the bombing, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt addressed Congress with a speech that is still quoted today.


Warner introduces FAST Voting Act to help states improve voting access

The FAST Voting Act would create a competitive grant program in the model of Race to the Top, encouraging states to aggressively pursue election reform.

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Sen. Mark Warner comments on investigation of Russian interference in 2016 election

Sen. Mark R. Warner issued a statement after President Barack Obama announced an investigation into cyberattacks that plagued the 2016 election.

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Sen. Warner on passage of defense authorization bill

U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) voted in favor of final passage for S. 2943, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

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Warner applauds passage of bill to improve DNA testing, forensic technology

Sen. Mark Warner applauded a Senate vote to reauthorize Justice Department programs to support DNA testing and forensic technology.

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Robert Hurt: House adopts landmark biomedical research bill

The U.S. has been a world leader in the scientific efforts to treat and cure diseases and conditions that harm millions of people.


Warner applauds House passage of bill to honor OSS veterans

The House unanimously passed legislation authored by Sen. Mark R. Warner to honor veterans of the OSS with a Congressional Gold Medal.

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Warner leads Senate in recognizing 20th anniversary of Virginia-based NGA

Sen. Mark Warner released the following statement after the Senate recognized the 20th anniversary of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

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Robert Hurt: Checking the Obama administration’s final push at executive Overreach

President Obama’s tenure in office will long be remembered for his administration’s aggressive attempts to expand executive power.

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Robert Hurt: Giving thanks for our nation’s many blessings

Thanksgiving is the uniquely American holiday when we gather together with family and friends to reflect on our tremendous blessings.

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Robert Hurt: New administration, new start

Last Tuesday, more than 120 million Americans went to the polls to exercise their civic duty and right to vote.

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Robert Hurt: Our veterans deserve recognition befitting of their sacrifice

As we commemorate Veterans Day this Friday, we remember with gratitude all those brave service members who have fought to preserve our freedoms.

House of Gridlock: New Degner web ad going viral

Democratic congressional nominee Kai Degner launched a campaign ad called House of Gridlock, which stars his opponent, Rep. Bob Goodlatte.

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Robert Hurt: Affordable Care Act more costly than ever?

Last week the Obama administration confirmed that the Affordable Care Act continues to break one of its signature promises.

Kai Degner talks Sixth District race, issues with Viewpoints on WVPT

Sixth District Democratic Party congressional nominee Kai Degner is an anti-establishment candidate in the year of anti-establishment candidates.


Viewpoints: One-on-one with Kai Degner

Kai Degner, the Democratic Party nominee for the Sixth District seat in Congress, joins Viewpoints to talk about his challenge to incumbent Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte.

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Robert Hurt: Agriculture critically important in Virginia

This past week, I had the privilege of joining the Pittsylvania County Farm Bureau for their annual meeting in Chatham.

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Robert Hurt: Reining in the CFPB’s unchecked authority

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created by the Dodd-Frank Act with the intention of overseeing consumer protection.

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Robert Hurt: Separation of powers must be respected

Our Founders meticulously designed three branches of government so that too much power would not be concentrated in any one branch.

Letter: A more broadly personal, kinder Kai Degner

We found Kai Degner to be more broadly personal, kinder than reported by The News Leader in its 10-1-16 “Degner … pipeline” article.

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Robert Hurt: Stop insurance company bailouts

The negative consequences and impacts of the President’s healthcare law continue to manifest themselves, with new and different problems.

Kai Degner: Goodlatte directly profits from eminent domain for Mountain Valley Pipeline

Sixth District nominee Kai Degner is hitting his opponent’s personal investment in a company that profits from the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline.

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Robert Hurt: Our national security tactics must not undermine safety

As each day goes by, we continue to learn more about the Administration’s misleading details regarding its arrangement with the Iranian regime.

Bernie Sanders nonprofit backs Kai Degner for Congress

Our Revolution, the nonprofit inspired by the Bernie Sanders campaign, announced today it has endorsed Kai Degner for Congress.

Kai Degner: Bob Goodlatte complicit in Wells Fargo scam

Kai Degner is tying Bob Goodlatte’s obstruction of the Arbitration Fairness Act to the recent Wells Fargo scam.

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Robert Hurt: Restoring transparency, accountability for our veterans

It has been more than two years since then Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki resigned amidst the height of an agency scandal.

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Robert Hurt bipartisan jobs bill passes House

The House passed HR 5424, the Investment Advisers Modernization Act of 2016, in a bipartisan 261-145 vote.


AAUW Action Fund releases congressional voting record

The AAUW Action Fund has released its 2015–16 scorecard of congressional action on issues critical to women and their families.


House votes to silence public opposition to oil and gas lease sales

The House of Representatives passed a bill that will shield offshore oil and gas lease sales from public scrutiny.

Friends of Augusta endorses Kai Degner for Congress

Friends of Augusta, a local pipeline opposition group, is formally endorsing Kai Degner, of Harrisonburg, for Congress in the Sixth District of Virginia.

Can Kai Degner flip the script in the Sixth?

Kai Degner is, as he admits, 24 years and a million dollars behind in his race for the Sixth District congressional seat.

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Robert Hurt: Local leaders lead by example

We have seen time and time again how federal government overreach harms local governments and their communities.

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The Affordable Care Act: Unsustainable and unlawful

Washington policies have real and often painful effects on Fifth District Virginians, and the implementation of the President’s healthcare law is a prime example of such.