Perriello announces Inclusive Virginia coalition

The Perriello campaign is announcing its Inclusive Virginia coalition – a group of more than 30 immigrant and constituency community leaders across Virginia uniting behind the Democratic candidacy of Tom Perriello for governor of Virginia.

tom perrielloCo-chaired by Khizr and Ghazala Khan, Gold Star parents and constitutional activists, Hassan Ahmad, an immigration attorney and Dulles Justice Counsel group attorney, Angela Kelley, a prominent immigration policy expert, and Adnan Bokhari, a Pakistani community activist, the coalition will focus on engaging immigrant minority communities to support the Tom Perriello’s candidacy ahead of the June 13 Democratic primary.

From joining protestors at Dulles amidst the travel ban issue in January to marching with activists in Richmond, Tom has been on the ground and on the front lines to stand with our immigrant communities.  As the grandson of Italian immigrants, Tom knows that our vibrant immigrant communities make our Commonwealth stronger. Virginia is an inclusive state, that embraces diversity rather than fears it. It’s why in our campaign, Tom has pledged that he will ensure Virginia is a firewall against Donald Trump’s hateful and bigoted agenda by championing anti-discrimination protections and commonsense policies, and taking any and every legal means to combat orders like the travel ban and non-sensical ICE raids on our Virginia neighbors and friends.

“Resisting President Trump and defeating the hate and bigotry that he sows will take people of conviction and good conscience standing up and fighting back. Tom Perriello is one of those people,” said Khizr and Ghazala Khan, Inclusive Virginia coalition co-chairs and Gold Star parents. “He will stand up for our Virginian and American values of liberty, inclusion and tolerance. He is a leader who understands that this country was built on immigrants, like my family and Tom’s grandparents. We support Tom Perriello because we know he will fiercely resist the unconstitutional actions of President Trump while advancing an inclusive Virginia that welcomes all.”

“As a lawyer, father, and business owner, I am strongly committed to a vision of Virginia where everyone has a chance to prosper, and where the politics of fear and division play no role. I see that vision most strongly with Tom Perriello, and that’s why I support him,” said Hassan Ahmad, Inclusive Virginia coalition co-chair and Dulles Justice Counsel group immigration attorney. 

“As a long-time immigrant rights advocate and Virginia resident. I embrace Tom Perriello’s candidacy for Governor.  In working alongside Tom, I’ve observed his capacity to understand complex policy problems and his compassion for all Americans-newcomers and native born alike. His vision is one of an inclusive Virginia that will give all Virginians the chance to realize their American Dream. As a Virginian, he would bring to the Governor’s Office the best of our state’s fine history and  as a progressive, he has the values and drive to deliver Virginia’s best possible future,” said Angela Kelley, Inclusive Virginia coalition co-chair and prominent immigration policy expert. 

“Tom is the only candidate who has made clear commitments to protect and advance the immigrant communities. He will enforce and strengthen existing laws while opposing any bill that discriminates or promotes hate to ensure our families can live as equal citizens. He is a unifier and a visionary leader that understands and truly cares to see our communities succeed in an inclusive Virginia that works for everyone.” said Adnan Bokhari, Inclusive Virginia Coalition co-chair and Pakistani community advocate.  

“We must keep Virginia a firewall against hate. We must resist Trump’s attacks on our neighbors and act decisively to safeguard Virginia’s values of dignity, inclusion, and opportunity. As Governor, I will use every legal tool at my disposal to oppose Donald Trump’s hateful and divisive agenda and to expand opportunity that leaves no community behind.” said Perriello. “Our campaign is about promoting an inclusive, progressive agenda to expand opportunity for all Virginians. This includes using every legal measure to thwart hateful and discriminatory policies like the travel ban and deportation raids.  The soul and safety of our communities rests on our brothers and sisters living with dignity outside the shadows. It means peaceful families are not ripped apart by ICE raids. The Virginia I know, welcomed my father, the son of immigrants, to achieve the American dream by attending college and becoming a pediatrician here in the Commonwealth. This deserves to be every Virginian’s reality. Together we will ensure our Commonwealth is a greater, more welcoming place than it has ever been.”

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