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Types of dog shampoos to choose from


doggieYour dog might be your favorite companion in your house. You share the couch, the living space, and sometimes, even your bed. But don’t ever share your shampoo with your dog. Human shampoo will keep your hair soft and curly, but they have chemicals that can harm your dog’s skin.

As someone who is having a pet for the first time, it is easy to get confused with so many dog shampoo brands. What you should remember is the skin condition of the dog and several additional factors to pick the best shampoo for your doggo. You can later check online on Groomsy for the brands that sell such shampoos according to your dog’s needs.

Here’s presenting some of the crucial factors to determine the suitable shampoo for your dog:

1. Keep fleas and ticks away

Does your dog have millions of fleas that make him or her scratch all over the place? A good flea shampoo will do the trick. There are plenty of dog shampoos that can keep fleas and ticks away, kill them and destroy other parasites. But the only downside is, the fleas and ticks may come back again. Spending on a high-quality flea shampoo will considerably decrease the likelihood of the parasites coming back.

2. Understanding the skin condition

The problem with dog shampoo is that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. You need to assess the skin condition of your dog to find the perfect shampoo. If he/she has flaky or itchy skin, a good moisturizing shampoo will be suitable. However, don’t fall into the honey trap of buying scented shampoos. They might have a moisturizing effect, but the chemicals used will irritate the dog’s skin. You should consider purchasing moisturizing shampoos with natural ingredients like Vitamin E, honey, and oatmeal. If you notice rashes coming out after using the shampoo, don’t waste time and consult a veterinarian immediately. There are medicated shampoos as well to treat such conditions.

3. Age of the dog

The idea is simple – puppies require special shampoos while dogs require general shampoos. Just like you wouldn’t use your shampoo on your one-year-old baby, dogs too have different shampoo needs depending on their age. Puppy shampoos are gentler as they come with a no-tear formula. So, even if a couple of soapy drops seep into their eyes, it won’t make them uncomfortable.

4. Finding a shampoo conditioner

Do you often notice that your dog’s fur gets entangled in the comb while you brush him/her? This might happen because of the dry coat. A shampoo moisturizer proves to be the perfect solution to this problem. This is made explicitly for stubborn tangles and frizzy locks. It will restore the moisture in the fur, and the comb will not stick again. You should get a shampoo conditioner according to the shampoo you are buying. If you want to solve the dryness of the fur, a conditioner containing natural oils will be the best choice.

Taking care of your dog may not be as straightforward as you’d think, but it gets easier once you understand the unique needs of your dog. So, keep these factors in mind as you shop for your dog’s shampoo.



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