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Twitter influencers react as Biden pardons marijuana possession convictions

Crystal Graham
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President Joe Biden announced key steps to mend the policy on marijuana last week ahead of the midterm elections. The announcement also includes pardoning thousands of those convicted of federal offenses on marijuana.

Against this backdrop, a dramatic spike was noticed in Twitter influencers’ conversations over ‘marijuana’, according to the social media analytics platform of GlobalData.

“Influencers’ sentiment was mostly positive on the announcement of changes to the law on uses of marijuana in the U.S.,” said Smitarani Tripathy, a social media analyst at GlobalData. “Some of the influencers opine that the amendment will be great for the U.S. economy, as the legalization of marijuana and pardoning of the convicted will help in providing access to various opportunities such as employment, housing and education. Few influencers also expect the legalization should be a real one to continue, as this is announced just before the midterm election.”

Influencer opinions captured by GlobalData

Jill Filipovic, author and lawyer

“YES. Wow. This is so simple but so righteous. No one should have their futures foreclosed because they were caught with a little weed. This isn’t just great for those with marijuana possession convictions (although it is); it’s great for the US economy, for families, for kids.”

Sheel Mohnot, co-founder of Better Tomorrow Ventures

“Such a great move- we have too many people in jail for marijuana possession. Biden is pardoning them. I’ve been critical of him but this is so good imo.”

Rashad Robinson, president at Color Of Change

“While this is an important step, it can’t be the last one. We need all of those currently serving time for marijuana possession to be released. We need to get the DEA out of the marijuana enforcement business altogether.”

Paul Blair, Turning Point Brands

“I have been a critic of Biden on marijuana policy for quite some time. This is welcome progress and just a first step in the quest to end the failed war on drugs. Unfortunate that it is only happening one month before the midterms and I hope this is real, not simply political.”

Steffanie Strathdee, epidemiologist

“Finally! Thx @Biden for moving towards #decriminalization of #marijuana.  It’s about time!”

Vikram Chandra, Founder of editorji

“The U.S. takes another step towards the legalisation of marijuana. Worth debating whether India should take steps towards decriminalisation as well.”

Crystal Graham

Crystal Graham

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