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TV killed the politics star


Stop the Presses column by Chris Graham
[email protected]

312_stopthepresses.jpgI know I’ve done TV and radio for years and years, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t get nervous when …

“Quiet on the set!”

Ahem, I’m getting interviewed.

And that was the case earlier today in Charlottesville, when I was in the crosshairs on “Comcast Newsmakers,” a locally produced public-affairs show that runs on local cable on Headline News, Channel 22.

I can’t say that it was a trying ordeal or anything like it. I mean, it was over in a snap – five minutes, or 4:40, actually, with the outro taking us within a couple of seconds of reaching the 5:00 mark.

The funny thing – my wife, an award-winning TV interviewer, forecast two of the questions on our drive over the Blue Ridge.

“What is your number-one priority if you’re elected to council?” she asked me somewhere in the vicinity of Crozet.

“No way they’ll ask that one,” I responded.

And then, a little later, “What would you like your legacy to be?”

“Seriously, I doubt that they care about what I want my legacy to be.”

There’s a reason I have her on as my campaign manager.

My main contribution to the effort, aside from answering the questions under the hot lights …

“I’m changing my tie,” I declared a few minutes before heading out for the interview.

And that’s why you’ll see me wearing the white, gold, red and black number, and not the green one that the missus had suggested.

I won’t go into the deal about how I had to wear makeup, except to say that I really enjoyed the honey-lemon-flavored Chapstick, and if anybody out there knows where to find more, you know, e-mail me.




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