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Transcripts: Taylor, Grimm talk Chick-fil-A


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Tyrod Taylor
Is it good that you have been on a roll going into the bowl game?
“The last couple games we put up a lot of numbers on the offense. We just have to keep continuing to get better in practice heading into the bowl game.”

Does heading back to Atlanta bother you, with you all being 0-2 there this year?
“This is just another game that we get to play on our schedule. I am looking forward to going in there and turning it around from the first [two] times we went to Atlanta.”

Do you think this is a good example to showcase the ACC?
“This is a very good example to showcase our talent, and show what the ACC has talent-wise. In the ACC, we know we have a lot of talent and we are just looking to go out there and prove it.”

Does this game get that much more hyped with how energized both fan bases are?
“I didn’t know this was going to be as big as it was when it comes to the fans. I’m looking forward to this challenge. I know a couple guys on their team, and it is going to be a great game.”

Two teams are very hot going into this game, how great of a game is this going to be?
“It’s going to be a great game. I’m looking forward to it because they have a lot of talent out there, and it is all going to come down to who wants it more at the end of the day.”

How does it feel to quarterback a team that has had this many 10-win seasons?
“It feels great. It is a confidence booster, and it helps the recruitment with guys coming in next year to a team that [may have] won two bowl games, and is always in a bowl game. That means a lot for the program.”

Have you looked at your records this season?
“No I haven’t. I’ll probably sit down and think about that after the season is over. Right now I am just worried about getting to this bowl game, staying healthy, getting bigger, faster and stronger going to the bowl game.”

How do you feel now that the regular season is behind you, and you had such a good year?
“I don’t think the season is over. I am just still trying to continue to be the best quarterback I can be going into this game. They have a very talented defense, and I think I can go out there and try to showcase my talents against their defense.”

How much does a win in this bowl game propel you next season?
“I think [it would] be big for the confidence of the team. To go out there with 10 wins and finish on a strong note heading into spring ball with everyone on the same page. Just getting pretty much the same team we had last year, it gives everybody a lot of confidence.”

Cody Grimm
The fan bases have wanted this match-up for a long time. Can you talk about that?
“You always hear the rumors about us and Tennessee playing, all the hype that would be around it if that game were to ever actually happen. Now we actually get a chance to play them. Just being around Blacksburg for five years now and meeting people from Southwest Virginia, you are either a Tennessee fan or a Tech fan. We are excited for an opportunity to play them, and we just have to go play our heart out.”

What is the importance of going out on a good note?
“It is exciting to play a good team, and there will be a bunch of fans there. This is going to be a big game for us. Some bowl games are bigger than others, but as for getting to 10 wins, that will give us momentum heading into next year. It will kind of sum up our season if we can get a win, we can come out and finish with 10 wins against and finish as a top-10 team.

Does both teams hot streaks factor into this game?
“It definitely factors in a little bit, but bowl games are different. You have that break in between that is a month long where you are not playing football and practicing every day. What we need to do is just come back and try to pick up where we left off, and try to do everything as quickly as we possibly can.”

How do you feel about playing in Atlanta?
“Being to Atlanta three times, you think you would get sick of it, but it is a great place. We went to a bowl game there four years, and the Georgia Dome is a fun place as well. When you go during the season, you don’t really get to experience it, all you really see is the hotel and the stadium. So its not like going to Atlanta and getting sick of it, it is kind of going on a little vacation.”



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