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TNA TV deal status up in the air, but prospects looking better?


tnaThe Wrestling Observer has the latest backstage talk, innuendo and speculation on the future of TNA on TV.

The word: we dunno.

Spike TV appears to be a no-go, pretty strongly. Velocity, at a quarter the rights fee that Spike TV is currently giving TNA for its weekly Impact Wrestling, is interested, but TNA might not be able to withstand that dramatic a cut in what it gets from TV.

WGN America is a player, but apparently still not at a level that Spike TV was in terms of money.

And then Wrestling Observer is saying there are two other unnamed networks interested.

Spike TV is working on a handshake deal to broadcast Impact Wrestling through the end of the year, which is good news for TNA. The bad news is that its situation is still very much unsettled.

It continues to be hard to imagine that a show that consistently draws 1 million-plus viewers a week to a network as far down the dial as Spike TV will just up and go off the air for lack of a broadcast suitor.

WWE practically wet its pants over Total Divas getting a similar number for its season premiere last week; 1 million people is still 1 million people. That’s a lot of eyeballs for advertisers to sell stuff to.

– Column by Chris Graham



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