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Tips for playing online casinos safely

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Online casinos are, at the moment, all the rage. Thanks to online versions of popular casinos, punters get a chance to access their favorite games anyplace and anytime. The slots are spinning, the jackpots are being drawn, and hands are dealt – in the dynamic environment of the online casinos, it is easy to forget about your own safety.

Still, safety should be imperative when it comes to online gambling. After all, players invest money and provide delicate personal information, so they must have trust in their casino to treat all transactions and information discreetly. However, many casino users only look for a big bonus and flashy games, and completely neglect the safety aspect. To maintain a successful and long gambling career, it is advised to approach the entire casino experience in a careful and thoughtful manner, as only that way can one avoid many traps set by unlicensed and scam websites. Here are five tips on how to discover the best Indian online casinos on the web and to not be disappointed.

Read Casino Reviews

There are at least a dozen new casinos popping up on the market each day, so it is hard to keep track of all of them. Luckily, there are many websites dedicated to reviewing online casinos. Such specialized websites employ people with a vast knowledge not only on gambling but the gambling industry and law in general. Casino specialists know what a decent casino must have to be considered a good choice, and also understand the way the average user will approach the casino website.

The best online casino reviews will include information about the license, company that operates the casino, bonus, terms and conditions, games variety and software providers, payment methods and payout conditions. They won’t hesitate to accentuate bad sides, in case a certain casino has some.

Check out the Casino License

Most casino users, especially new ones, don’t really understand what licensing is all about (or maybe don’t care). Here’s the catch: a license is a guarantee that an online casino venue has the approval of the regulatory bodies to operate. Licensed online casinos must do business according to a whole set of laws, rules, and recommendations in order to maintain the license. And yes, a license can be revoked at any moment, in case the regulatory body concludes how the casino is not playing (and paying) by the rules.

After you find a casino you like, make sure to go to the website of its regulatory body and find their register of licensed companies. Simply type in the license number and see whether the license is still valid or not. Many crooked casinos will simply take someone else’s license number, so make sure all data matches (company name and license number).

Choose Safe Payment Methods

Sometimes one can get the impression that online casinos are competing on who will add more payment methods to their interface. This leads to many unsafe payments being added. When making a deposit make sure to use a method that is trusted and reputable. Most casinos will offer bank transfer, which is without the doubt the safest, but also the most expensive payment method due to high fees. However, credit cards and e-wallets are equally safe, but usually carry smaller charges and lower transfer limits than bank transfers.

The most popular credit cards, available at almost any casino, are Visa and Mastercard. Most casinos will offer some popular eWallets like Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. Sometimes you can either use local payment methods such as AstroPay.

Read Terms and Conditions

The average internet user is bombarded by at least ten different terms and conditions each month. Whether you want to install a new app on your mobile phone, update your Facebook account or buy a pair of shoes – you have to click “I accept”. And while not reading the terms and conditions of your favorite online shoe store can cause a minor headache when it comes to returns, not reading online casinos’ T&C can cause serious money losses.

Terms and conditions are an official document that defines the relationship between the online casino company and the user. Withdrawal, deposits, fees, bonus rules – they are all defined by terms and conditions, so make sure to read and understand them.

Keep Your Account Safe

Despite all safety protocols and firewalls offered by the casino, players are the first ones who keep the line of defense against malicious hackers. It is important that you keep your information safe, in the first place. Don’t share your username and password, log in only via your own personal devices, and if you want to use a mobile casino, don’t do it by using public and unsafe wi-fi networks. These basic steps are often neglected but can provide more security than any advanced, hi-tech security protocol.



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