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Schmookler: ‘Don’t trust the people who have been lying to you’


Story by Chris Graham
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If you’re a rock-ribbed conservative, you would probably already think that WSVA needs to rein in that liberal kook Andy Schmookler.

Well, that liberal kook Andy Schmookler that you know and have come to loathe was Andy Schmookler playing nice.

“The way I saw it, neither side of our political and moral and cultural divides has a monopoly on the truth. They have pieces of the truth, and our job is to put them together. I was always interested in the pursuit of the truth. But something has happened on the conservative side of the divide that has required me to pursue the truth in a different way,” said Schmookler, a regular guest on programs on WSVA-550AM, the radio voice of the Shenandoah Valley.

The “different way” for Schmookler involves a more confrontational approach. And yes, Schmookler is aware that it runs counter to the liberal mindset to be confrontational.

“The things that I say, which I don’t intend to be unkind or provocative, but just telling the truth as I see it, causes a certain amount of people who call me up to take me on,” Schmookler said in an interview for this week’s AFP Show.

“There’s a certain amount of anger, but people also tend to want to grapple with the things that I say. And I think that whether or not the folks who want to go to battle on the air with me are changed or not, I’m at least hopeful that thoughtful people who are not so devoutly wedded to their partisanship may be moved to take another look and see what I’m trying to say, which is, Don’t trust the people who have been lying to you,” Schmookler said.

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